Midweek Check-In

So the writing is going…well, it’s going.  I had 613 on Sunday, 504 on Monday, and 649 last night.  And most of it got or is getting deleted.  Hate when that happens.

I’m fighting with a scene and have tried 2 different versions now, and neither worked.  Which means I’m trying to do something wrong.   And I did manage to sort out as I was falling asleep last night, that the fundamental problem with the scene I’m trying to write is that there is no conflict.

But I’m no closer to a solution now than I was when I went to sleep.  Knowing I need a conflict that advances the plot is only useful when I figure out WHAT THAT CONFLICT IS.


So the plan over lunch is to sit down and play a game of What’s The Worst That Could Happen? to generate some ideas.  When in doubt, make something awful happen.  Then figure out how to get your characters out of it.

God I hate the Dreaded Valley of the Shadow of the Middle.  Even having it plotted out, it feels boggy and unclear in my head.  And honestly, for DOTH, it’s only generally plotted out.  It’s not like Red where everything was crystal clear almost from day 1.  Honestly, I think Red spoiled me.  I can’t expect every book to come that clear.  Particularly a book that challenges me as this one does.

I haven’t let myself get started on the latest Super Seekrit Project (even though it is one of those super clear from the word go kind of books).  Until I’m back in the groove on DOTH, I’m not risking being derailed.

In other news, I did 3 miles this morning with an average pace UNDER 13 minutes per mile (which includes my warm up and cooldown, so probably I was hitting under 12 minutes per mile during the actual running portion of things).  I’m really looking forward to getting the whole thing under 12 minutes per mile.  Then Sparkpeople will count it as actual running, not walking.  I’ve a ways to go yet on that, but the new cooler temperatures will help a LOT with that.  60 degrees is SO much better to run in than 80.  I’m looking forward to 45.  That’s my perfect running temp.  Even when I sweat, I don’t feel hot when I run in the 40s.

I started weight lifting again this week.  The short super sets I was doing just wasn’t enough, and I wasn’t being consistent enough with them.  So I’m back to the full on 3 days of proper weight lifting, which I haven’t done since February or March.  Of course all my weights had to be dropped to the next one down.  You can’t maintain lift strength over 6 months later without actually LIFTING.  So today I’ve got that deliciously sore and used muscle feeling that says “I did something!” Remind me I described it that way tomorrow when I’m moving like an arthritic octogenarian.


3 thoughts on “Midweek Check-In

  1. I hate it when a scene kicks my butt. I had some problems with scenes in The Gnome, but my problems are usually what to do with the fight scenes. I know you’ll work this through. Most books aren’t going to be as easy to write as Red. That one must have been magic. 🙂

    Good work on the exercise. That’s what I’m lacking in. My writing is going MUCH better than the exercising. Obviously, you’re doing great! If you just keep it up as a habit, then it will be second nature to do it.

  2. Usually, if I’m having trouble with a scene (especially those dreaded middle ones!), and when I’ve tried it a few ways like you have, Kait, I just pick one approach, plow my butt through it, and try to get to the next part. Sometimes, it resolves itself. Other time, I discover the missing key in a later scene so I can go back and revise accordingly (and usually blissfully).

    Keep up the good work, though. No matter which approach you take, the clouds always part eventually, and then it’ll be like you never even struggled at all, a faint distant memory of the Shadow of the Middle left way, way behind.

  3. Sounds like a very productive day, even if the scene didn’t come out quite the way you wanted. I went running again tonight for the first time in a long while, and I could certainly tell that I wasn’t in the shape that I wanted to be anymore.

    Hopefully, the exercise soreness will be kind. 🙂

    Best of luck with working through this writing moment. They’re not fun, but all of these moments along the way are so important.

    Have a good one!

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