A Precious and Plotting Surprises

Oh my dear friends if you COULD SEE the epic To Do List I have sitting on my desk here at work this morning.  It is long.  It is detailed. And it is half done.  And I’ve only been here about an hour.  Sadly all the remaining stuff are Big Rocks as the saying goes and I’ll have to spend more time on them.  Which is totally making me all :eyetwitch: because I have the first draft of a friend’s latest WIP ON MY NOOK and it is AMAZING and I MUST KNOW WHAT HAPPENS.


I mean, seriously.  I have been waiting for her to get a chance to write this book for TWO YEARS.  And now it is WRITTEN.  And in my hot little hands (well okay now it’s in my purse across the room where it is giving me the sly side eye and TAUNTING ME).  I needs it.  THE PRECIOUS.

Stupid work thing.

Upside, THERE IS SUN OUTSIDE MY WINDOW (it’s been raining for two days).

I also sorted out some very important character details in DOTH last night (and managed a good chunk of writing despite the day of suckitude) that have been eluding me from the beginning.  So things related to that are falling into place.

I plotted the crap out of this book.  And I’m still finding myself surprised.  Some of it involves plot changes.  Some is just the characters saying and doing things that I didn’t expect, these glorious sorts of treats that people who are inveterate pantsers don’t think happen if you plot.  I assure you, dear pantsers, they do happen.  And they are fabulous.

I have a love triangle in this trilogy.  And it’s such that when I envisioned the whole series, I knew who the heroine would choose.  Now…I’m not so sure.   My second guy is continually shocking me in awesome ways and is really giving first guy a run for his money.  To the point that even I’m not positive if she will make the choice in the end that I originally planned.  Which does not bother me, actually.  I have two more books to figure it out.  And I do love when my characters keep me on my toes!

3 thoughts on “A Precious and Plotting Surprises

  1. Oh, I can relate to the epic to do list! And I shouldn’t be sitting here commenting on blogs because I have so much to do. But commenting is more fun….

    No sunshine here. Rain, rain, and clouds.

    I love the surprises your characters can give you. It’s so much fun, isn’t it? People who aren’t writers couldn’t possibly understand how characters have a life of their own.

  2. Oh, yes. You can plan, plot, and scheme, and your characters will still surprise you. As for Big Rocks, I just flick the dust off them every so often and let them stay where they are.

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