Testing Android’s Apps For Tablets

I’m stuck in a seminar this morning being bored to tears, so it seemed like a good time to play with my Nook Tablet. I got an N2A card to make it a fully functional Android Tablet. I havent done much with it yet because, frankly, I am not the right target market for a tablet. I’d rather use a full on computer.  Which isn’t an issue since I’m on one most if my waking hours. I prefer a full keyboard for writing, social media, and pretty well everything else.  All the games I play are easier on my phone, and I’m not about to watch Netflix while cuddling my honey and holding my tablet (have you seen thst commercial?).

But I’ve downloaded a bunch of the same apps I have on my phone. The WordPress app isn’t bad. It is a bit easier than the one on my iPhone.  I just picked up the Overdrive app snd THAT will be nice because I can download and read books straight on here without going through Adobe Digital Editions. I also got the Evernote app and widget which I love,as it is easier to hunt and peck on the larger keyboard.

That’s all I’ve tried so far so I’m looking for suggestions of what other apps I should try. Tell me what is awesome!

6 thoughts on “Testing Android’s Apps For Tablets

  1. I’m glad there’s actually someone else who would rather use a computer than a tablet. Don’t get me wrong, I love my iPad, but the full keyboard and screen is what I do most things on. The iPad is for traveling or when I don’t want to hold the computer. LOL

    I’m not sure about the Android apps since I have an iPad. Most people like Words with Friends, but since I have it, I always feel pressure to “play a word”. For relaxing, I like Solitaire. Oh, you wanted suggestions on USEFUL apps? Oops, sorry. 🙂

    On a serious note, do you have an app where you can actually write when you’re not on the computer? I’ve thought about getting Apple Pages for that. Does the Android system have something similar?

    1. There are apps. Documents To Go is one I have for my iPhone already, but honestly if I’m not at a computer I’d rather have a pen and notebook. I can’t stand having to hunt and peck.

  2. We are a multi-computer household but my piece of tech is an iPad 3 with a Bluetooth keyboard. I can do pretty much everything on it except play the Sims and when it comes time to upgrade, it will be cheaper because many accessories are multi-geerational and iPads hold trade in value better than a laptop.

  3. If you enjoy music, try Songza. Goodreads also has a nice little app (which I find less distracting than the full site because it doesn’t have the author’s dash). If you use Dropbox, they have an app. In conjunction with that, I find Epistle to be great for taking quick notes when inspiration hits. It saves automatically and will upload to Dropbox so you can get those notes on your laptop.

    I’ve sort of switched to using the tablet full time myself because it’s so easy to use. I also have a keyboard for it and a case that turns into a stand. Sometimes it’s easier to get writing done on the tablet.

  4. Funny you should mention this now when I spent half the morning trying to update the version of Android on my phone. So far I’ve only got one app – the Amanda Palmer one.

  5. Every time I see a new Tablet come out, I want it. I guess it’s electronic envy. But, when I review the functionality I realize that Tablets probably won’t work for me. I prefer the traditional keyboard for writing and I have an Android phone that is easy to use for social media. For on the go reading, I carry a Nook (the original one) because it feels more like a book in my hands when I read it.

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