Friday Confessions and a Funny

I have a confession to make.

I am losing my enthusiasm for running.

Truth be told, I am losing my enthusiasm for anything involving getting out of bed when my alarm goes off.  Lots of not getting to bed on time, plus it’s cold and who wants to leave a nice comfy, roasty, toasty bed to do ANYTHING?

I’ve been running inconsistently the last month.  Rain or illness or sleeping in for one reason or another.  Monday’s run was flat painful.  I thought I was on the verge of shin splints and felt like my butt was dragging the pavement the whole time.  Walked long stretches.  Today was better.  Jogged the whole way, albeit slower than my target 12 minutes a mile.  And once it was done, I was glad I did it (that whole “You never regret a workout” mentality) but…I really wanted to stay in bed.  Or inside on my exercise bike where I could read more of Days of Blood and Starlight.  Laini Taylor makes me want to wallow and swim in her prose the way Scrooge McDuck swam in his money.

It’s hard to focus on ANYTHING right now that isn’t the book.  I crossed 100k over breakfast this morning.  Big reveals are happening!  Someone I love has to die in the next scene (there will be weeping).  And I’m really supposed to care about my students’ latest pleas for extra credit when I clearly state on day 1 that I expect them to get it right the first time? PLEASE.  (Note, I am also considering instituting a policy of “If you ask me a question that is clearly answered in the syllabus, I am deducting a point from your final course average.”)

At least it is Friday.

Side note: After some discussion with fellow ROWers last night at Writechat, we have decided that we should institute The Avengers as our ROW80 mascots.  A different super hero each week!  Seriously, think of the possibilities!  Thor gives whole new meaning to HAMMERING out words (c’mon, you know you want Mjolnir as a desk mascot–or possibly just Chris Hemsworth in those jeans).

I shall leave you with a funny.

3 thoughts on “Friday Confessions and a Funny

  1. “”If you ask me a question that is clearly answered in the syllabus, I am deducting a point from your final course average.”
    YES. Oh, please, yes. Also for students who, in the first minute of the first day of class raise their hands and ask what will be on the final exam.

  2. That’s why I stopped working out in the mornings after the first couple of days. The bed feels too good. Lunch and evenings work better for me.

    Does Days of Blood and Starlight suck you in as much as Daughter of Smoke and Bone? That book was amazing. I listened to the audiobook.

    Yes! The Avengers!

    I saw that Dragon Baby video on C. Michael Hubbard’s site. It is hilarious!

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