Holiday Recovery

Well, we are on the other side of Christmas!  I hope everyone had a good one.

My mom and her dog just headed out, so the house is back to quiet.  I’m having totally uncharacteristic thoughts that it would be so nice to get all the Christmas decorations taken down and put away.  Usually I have to be forced to do it sometime the week after New Year’s.  IDK, I just feel very disorganized and want things to find a home that’s out of the way.  I’ve got some closet reorganizing to do over my break, and also intend to paint our foyer (which currently has 3 paint finishes on the wall because I didn’t know what the finish WAS–I’ve never used eggshell before).   And I’m still chugging ahead on my Christmas plot bunny.  I currently lack 4k to meet my WIP500 goal.

I had a marvelous Christmas.  My sweet in laws got me a Le Creuset dutch oven.  There is totally beef bourginon in my future.  And hubby got me a Paperwhite (as my original first gen Nook isn’t going to last forever).  And my mom found (among other things) possibly THE CUTEST spatula ever (it’s a gingerbread man).  And the BOOKS.  Oh my dear lord, all the wonderful books!

Hubs and I are watching the Dr. Who Christmas special.  Hubby and The Magnificent Laurie McLean have decided I look a bit like Clara, his new companion.  I shall take that as a marvelous compliment, as I think she’s lovely.  She’s a great deal of fun in this role.

We’re taking it easy today, recovering from company, planning to take a nap.  It will be fabulous.

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