Thoughts About Lost Girl

I have so many things going on in my head today, so many of which I can’t talk about here. So instead I’ll talk about Lost Girl.

Lost Girl is, according to Wikipedia, a Canadian supernatural crime drama television series, that premiered on Showcase on September 12, 2010.  It came to my attention when it premiered on SyFy and immediately reminded me of Forever Knight, that show from the early 1990s about the vampire cop working the graveyard shift (which was exactly the kind of cheese I love).  Hubs and I thought about watching it, but then found out that the heroine was a succubus and we made some assumptions that made us go meh and never did.  Stories about sex demons usually just don’t work for me.

So then Susan pops up the other day telling me I have to watch this show because it’s very Mirusy and I would love it.  Hubs was still meh on the idea, so I queued up the pilot on Netflix during my workout this morning (which is really the only time I end up watching anything without hubby).

Initial impressions: Positive.  You’ve got your supernatural heroine who doesn’t know what she is and has been struggling along for the last ten years dealing with this self perceived curse.  She gets on the radar of the local paranormal folks (Fae in this case) and has to do this fight to the death test to earn the right to pick a side (there are two: Light and Dark), which she wins and ultimately chooses neither (which makes the powers that be Not Happy).  But she does finally find out what she is and that her abilities can be controlled.

There were a few things I thought didn’t make sense or were done in a a manner that isn’t how *I* would have done it, but overall, I liked it.  Clearly this is the kind of set up that makes for all kinds of conflicts and provides an interesting way to explore the world without a bunch of As You Know Bobbing.  I’m definitely willing to keep watching.  It’s got my brain spinning in Mirus-land thinking about stuff I’d do differently and seeds to plant for this that or the other thing.  Which works out well since I FINALLY found where my Mirus series bible inadvertently got dragged on my hard drive.

So what about you?  Are you a fan of Lost Girl?

4 thoughts on “Thoughts About Lost Girl

  1. I’ve never watched it. I have so many things on my DVR and queued up on Netflix, I don’t know if I’ll ever get around to it. I was like you…not into the succubus thing. But it sounds okay after all.

  2. I’ve been a fan since it started on Syfy. It’s just sexy, snarky, fairy tale fun. It can be a bit racy sexually at times, and yes the stories aren’t always top notch, but I keep coming back for more as I like the characters (especially Kenzi, she’s hilarious). I watched the entire first two seasons, and am DVRing the third season now. Continuum, also on Syfy and also on monday nights is another fun Canadian show that just started airing. It’s about a time travelling cop that finds herself stuck in the present. I need my time travelling fix since Dr. Who is taking forever

    1. We’re somewhere around episode 7 of Continuum. It brings up a bunch of really fascinating political and ethical questions in a really fun context. And we’re also watching Primeval New World–the Canadians are putting out a bunch of top notch fun stuff lately!

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