Burning Up With Spring Fever

Yesterday was my birthday.  It was a really good one.  I got to take off work, sleep in, had a good day with my mom, a nice dinner with my hubby and in laws wherein I ate lots of really good pizza (OH SO MUCH PIZZA…there will be very little eating today), and Coldstone actually had peanut butter as a flavor (when did they start doing yogurt?).  It was like a sign from the gods.  There were many well wishes and wonderful gifts.

And now, today…today is a day for Cleaning All The Things.  I have wicked bad spring fever.  I woke up at seven and started mopping while the tea was steeping.  For a variety of reasons, we haven’t done a super good deep clean since before Christmas and it is TIME.    I windexed the windows in my library and….ew.   I will be windexing the windows in the rest of the house post haste.  Inside AND out.  It’s something I can do while hubby is still sleeping and not make a bunch of noise.  Once he’s up, though…I’ll ply him with coffee and put him to work.

I’m one of those people who generally feels like the house is a reflection of my state of mind.  So the house being a messy wreck…means my brain feels like a messy wreck.  IT IS TIME TO RECTIFY THIS SITUATION.

The forecast is for a high of 63 and clear today, so I’m thinking once my other half is up, I’ll throw open all the windows and air everything out really well.  Weeks of rain have everything feeling musty.  Usually I love winter.  And, well, that’s still true.  I love cold weather.  I even love those kind of pewter sky days with thin clouds and a biting wind (as long as I’m dressed right).  But we didn’t have a lot of those this winter.  Instead we had rain.  SO MUCH FREAKING RAIN.  So I find myself NOT put out with Punxsutawney Phil this year for proclaiming that spring will be coming early.

I want to PLANT THINGS.  Did I mention I’m not a gardener?  It’s too late to put in tulips here.  Next year I’ll do the bulb thing.  This year we really just need to clean things up really well and mulch.  And doing a little bit of pulling some higher maintenance things out and putting some lower maintenance things IN.  Need to bug my pal who studied landscape architecture to tell me what to do on that front.  I want easy maintenance that’s hard to kill.

Anyway, tea’s done now, so I must go.  I have a date with my steam mop.

3 thoughts on “Burning Up With Spring Fever

  1. Happy birthday a day late! I’m getting spring fever, too. But, unlike you, I don’t like winter…unless it snows.

    I’m not one for planting bulbs because you usually have to wait so long for them to come up. Nice colorful annuals and perennials are what I want to put in this year. And maybe since I feel better this year, I can take better care of my roses. they looked awful last year. 🙁

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