Boo! Hiss! Grr!

So it’s that time of year again.  When I lodge my formal, public complaint about the existence of Daylight Savings Time.

While everyone around me gleefully talks about how they’ll have more time after work, I’m   over here, fangs out, drawing back into my little cave like some kind of spider allergic to light.

See, here’s the thing.  I am not a morning person.  By any stretch of imagination.  So the fact that these arrogant governmental asshats are telling me I have to spend from this Sunday through freaking NOVEMBER getting up at 5 in the morning in the pitch black dark (because I don’t care that they say it’s 6, it’s not) just pisses me off.  It’s hard enough to get up AFTER the sun rises.  If it’s dark I’m supposed to be ASLEEP damn it.

Because my day does not revolve around the sun.  My day doesn’t CHANGE after work because there’s suddenly an “extra” hour of daylight.  I’m too tired or it’s too damned hot.  I still go home, feed my dogs, start our own supper, and write for an hour or so until my spouse gets home, when we eat, watch an hour or so of TV and then go to bed.  My weekends do not revolve around the clock.  Ergo daylight savings time is STUPID

They originally justified it saying that they were giving farmers an extra hour.  BULLSHIT.  You think any farmer ran his day based on a CLOCK?  They get up with the sun and the damned rooster, do what needs doing, and quit when it got dark, whenever that was.

So this time of year every year, I want to move to Arizona because they don’t take place in this idiocy.

Just PICK ONE and LEAVE it for GOD’S SAKE.  Quick dicking around with things.

:needs a nap:


10 thoughts on “Boo! Hiss! Grr!

  1. I think, instead of writing my own post about how much I hate DST, I’ll just point people over here. I say almost the exact same thing. Someone said that DST was cutting a foot off one end of a blanket, sewing it on the other end, and saying you now have a longer blanket. Back in the Seventies, there was a period where we set our clocks ahead an hour and left them that way for a couple of years. It was nice not having one’s circadian rhythms disrupted a couple of times a year. Maybe they should do that, considering we live most of the year with the clocks saying that it’s an hour later than it is….

  2. I find daylight savings time in the winter even more stupid – everyone who has to get up in the morning has to get up regardless of whether it’s light or dark. So who cares what it is? Daylight at nighttime in the middle of darkest December/January matters most – so why the heck should I set my clock back an hour and waste that daylight in the morning??

  3. “…it’s too damned hot.” Amen.
    I grew up in a farming community, and I couldn’t see that daylight savings time changed the way farmers worked. I’ve read that people are likely to use more gasoline because of the extra hour of light.

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