Sunday Summary

  1. There’s rain on the horizon.  I can see the front hovering beyond the line of trees across the pasture, but the air is, as yet, still and waiting.  I’ve got the back door (yay Magic Mesh!) thrown open to the fresh air, listening to the sounds of birdsong, soaking up a breath of spring.  It’s a nice way to start Easter Sunday.
  2. I’ve got a yen to plant.  It’s going to have to translate into a yen to mulch, as we’ve got loads of that to do.  WAY more flower beds here than at our first little cracker box house.  But it’ll be another couple of weeks before we can get to it.  It would be marvelous if we could hire someone to just kind of get everything where it needs to be so that we can just maintain and do the fun stuff.  But our neighbors have a confirmed termite infestation, so gotta put the spare money toward preventative termite treatment.  Still, we should be about past the nights of freezing temps, so I ought to be able to start thinking about some containers to do veggies in this summer.  I don’t think I’m up to doing a full on bed yet.  So just something basic.  Tomatoes, peppers, zucchini. And we’ve got our fruit trees, which are already blooming.  We’ll be seeing peaches and plums here soon.  And then find out what the mystery fourth tree is (we think maybe fig).  Guess I’m learning to can this year.
  3. Hubs and I did a mega deep clean yesterday.  We’re still kind of cluttered (the organizing projects have taken back seat to other things), but everything is gleaming.  I hauled Callie out to the pasture in the sprinkle yesterday to furminate her.  I JUST did this a month ago and still managed to comb off another whole dog.  WHERE DOES IT COME FROM?
  4. I’ve been doing a lot of reading on this lovely, long weekend.   It’s something I rarely indulge myself in off my exercise bike or in short 15 minute chunks.  I finished up Brene Brown’s The Gifts of Imperfection and Louisa Edwards’ Too Hot To Touch.  And I started Stuart Brown’s Play: How It Shapes the Brain, Opens the Imagination, and Invigorates the Soul.  I’ve also been on a Nora kick in audio, having just finished up Born In Shame last week for probably the sixth time through and am already half through Dance Upon The Air (audio books are a lovely accompaniment to cooking and cleaning).  I’m not sure what print fiction book I’ll pick up next.  I’m partially into Lindsay Buroker’s Emperor’s Edge and Saltwater Witch by Chris Howardbut I’m not so far into either that I wasn’t able to walk away and right now don’t have a super strong pull to go back.  Not that I won’t, but I think my gut wants something else.  Won’t know it until I hit on it, I guess.
  5. Ah, here comes the rain.  I like the sound of rain, particularly on a tin roof (which we don’t actually have but that’s what I think of when it rains).  I’m perfectly fine with rain as long as I don’t need to get out in it and it doesn’t go on for days at a time such that my pups are giving me The Face that says “Mommy make it stooooooooop.  We’re boooooooooored.”
  6. I’ve been in more of a pondering and plotting than writing phase this weekend.  I finally figured out the missing details of HOW my hero and heroine are going to beat the bad guys (which has been a big blank since the beginning, so that was quite a relief.  I made the necessary changes to my outline, sketched out the next scene and wrote a little on it.  But I’ve been generally taking it easy, as I rarely do.
  7. I’m off to begin food prep for Easter dinner.  I hope everyone has a great holiday!

One thought on “Sunday Summary

  1. We had rain last night. It’s cloudy today, and I think we’re going to have more. But at least it’s getting warm. I’m ready for spring. I seriously need to prune my roses.

    Btw, I DO have a metal roof. I love it!

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