Catching Up and A Guest Post

I’m not sure what it says that it’s taken me TWO DAYS to get the Benedryl out of my system from the epic allergy attack I had on Thursday.   Anyway, slept in this morning and spent a lot of time mulling over some world logic in Riven, thinking about a possible new direction for another project and scribbling notes on that, and finally tackling the laundry.  That would be putting away last weekend’s laundry, which was mostly still sitting in the chair.  I swear, if I don’t put it away RIGHT when it comes out of the dryer, it’s doomed to live there all week.  Murphy’s law.  Kiss of death.  Whatever.

Anyway, I am now about to fly out the door to meet a local writer pal for lunch, so I direct you instead to my guest post over at Foreword Literary regarding my take on the new NOOKPress.

See y’all on the flipside!

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