Sunday Summary and #ROW80 Update

  1. Okay, first off, can I just say I am SICK AND TIRED of everything moving to icons only?  :glares at new WordPress dashboard:  I like WORDS, damn it!  I don’t care that it takes up less space.  It’s not immediately intuitive and it is NOT helping our society actually, you know, USE THEIR BRAINS.  Idiocracy, people.  Pictoral menus.  It’s a thing.
  2. I’ve got one more scene in Act 1 for Revision Hell.  Not sure if I’m going to get all the way through it today, as it’s mostly going to be a rewrite and we’re going to a movie at 4 (After Earth, I think) and I’ve got a lot of food prep to do for the week before we go (much chopping to do and some batch cooking).  Once my caffeine kicks in (I’m pretty sure it’s going to be a 2 cup morning), I’ll do my outline of the details.  But I’m side tracked by what may be a huge break-through in terms of the hero’s motivation and attraction to the heroine, which would add (potentially) a lot of currently missing depth.  I’m still waiting on my brain to come on line to determine whether it actually works or if it’s just complicatitis.  Pretty sure it works, and I need to trace the threads through to see where they’ll fit.  (Oh and just in, The Hammer thought they were good too. YAY.)
  3. I have mini peppers!  Nothing else in my container garden had bloomed yet, but the peppers are going.  Not sure how long before they’ll be ripe, but it’s just…exciting to see stuff GROWING.  I don’t exactly have what you’d call a green thumb, so seeing success is a big deal!  I expect the zucchini and squash to get blooms in a week or so.  Not sure about the tomatoes.
  4. I got my audible credit for the month this morning and bought Heart of Obsidian.  I’m so excited about this book, I just can’t even.  We FINALLY find out who the Ghost is.  And we FINALLY find out who Kaleb has been scouring the PsyNet for.  It makes me want a road trip so that I get to listen for longer than my 10 minute drive to and from work every day!
  5. I started rereading Forsaken yesterday and was pleased to be reminded that I actually did used to have a nice, tight, commercial voice.  So I think this was a good thing, and I’ll keep on going through the rest of the series.  Susan pointed out that a lot of what I’ve been reading the last several months is stuff that’s less commercial in nature and more…fancy.  Which simply wasn’t my style of writing.  What I’ve been reading is more…IDK, Godiva to my Hersheys.  So I’m gonna change up my reading list and get back to more of the kind of thing I was reading when I was writing this series.  I wonder where I left off in the Dirk and Steele series?  Book 4 or 5 I think.
  6. We had a bridal shoot yesterday in a beautiful set of gardens.  It was a fun shoot, a sweet bride.  And of course our allergies have ESPLODED since then.  I keep stepping outside to blow my nose so as not to wake hubby up (because the vaulted ceilings in the living room seem to amplify sound).  Waiting on the Zyrtec to kick in.
  7. I feel like there’s something else to update y’all on, but I can’t think what, so I’m off to make that second cuppa!

2 thoughts on “Sunday Summary and #ROW80 Update

  1. Oh dear, lol at pictorial menus. Glad to see you’re pushing along with Riven revisions, and hooray for breakthroughs! It sounds like you have a busy, busy day today, so good luck with everything. (And the allergies!)

  2. Revision Hell., Ive been hanging out there too much myself lately, Kait. Did you know they have a really nice latte shop? A bit on the expensive side, but….

    About that green thumb… My grandfather was one of those people who could literally get plants to grow in anything. Droughts, floods, bad soil… but he always had trouble with peppers, so maybe your thumb is greener than you thought. Good for you.

    Hope the rest of your week is a bit less sneezy, a bit more green and blooming… and that the writing flows freely.

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