Monday Miscellany

Late post today.  Had to run my car to the shop this morning because it was making a really awful sounding noise like something was rubbing every time I made a sharp right turn.  Turns out the plastic fender had come unclipped somehow and was rubbing against the tire.  So that was a no big and they gave my car a good once over to check for anything else since I’ll be on the road in three weeks headed for the coast for a work conference.  So all’s well on that front.

I’m just settling in with my afternoon cuppa.  Such a lovely, simple pleasure.

We’re working on winding up a project here at the EDJ and preparing to start another.  Our grad student had his last day this morning, and we’ve got a month or so until our new pair start.  Which means, largely, quiet.  The one was just lost was a sweetheart and a HARD ASS WORKER but, my lord, he liked to run his mouth.  Totally oblivious to the usual social cues of I really need to get back to work…  So I’m looking forward to the relative quiet where the only one barging in with any regularity is my boss, which, you know, is part of her perks as Boss.

I’m in a reading mood today–getting to good parts in the book on my phone and the one I’m listening to in audio, so I keep trying to steal 5 minutes here and there between things to get just a little bit further!  Should finish both this week and be moving onto new awesome.

Started Beautiful Badass this morning.  Chin ups, even band assisted chin ups, are really freaking hard.   But the band means I can actually, you know, do some.  I have high hopes that this will work miracles to tone my arms over some long period of time.  I took a before picture this morning (no you can’t see it, it was a bathroom mirror shot in my underwear just for me) so that I can track my progress.  I totally had one of those “oh God, the camera had to have added TWENTY pounds!” moments because the picture is not really what I see when I look in the mirror (and is one of the reasons I absolutely hate being photographed).  Not going to obsess.  Just like I’m not obsessing (much) about the scale.  It’s just data.  The focus here is on toning up, getting stronger.  And I’m trying to up the protein in my diet to go along with it.

This morning I made a breakfast bake with potatoes, black beans, onions, zucchini, poblano peppers, cheese, and eggs–which was pretty awesome and super filling at 275 calories, 8 grams of fat, and 15 grams of protein.  Maybe I’ll haul out my camera and actually take pics and write up the recipe for Pots and Plots.  I had thought the hiatus there would be temporary, but honestly, it’s been kind of nice not to have to keep up with it.  Not like I’m not still cooking and developing recipes, but…yeah.  It was one of the only things in my life that could be cut.

Break’s over.  Back to work!

2 thoughts on “Monday Miscellany

  1. I’m still trying to get the nerve up to use the pull-up/dip machine at the gym. This is one where, the more weight you put on it, the more assisted you are. I’m scared to death I’ll put the largest amount of weight on it and won’t be able to do it, then all those people will SEE me not be able to do it. LOL.

    I’m trying to eat better and find recipes. I need to go back and look at some of your Pots & Plots recipes that I saved.

    1. Having used exactly that kind of machine before, I can state with confidence that I’m pretty sure that the total amount of weight available for assist is near or exceeds your total body weight.

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