Walking Down Memory Lane

Oh I guess I never got around to posting yesterday since we weren’t on an active ROW80 check in.  We’re coming down to the wire on a project at work that MUST GET OUT THE DOOR on Monday, so we’re running around like chickens from Sleepy Hollow, on top of which I’m trying to get a secondary aspect of the same project with a slightly later due date knocked out.

On the writing front, I knocked out another 2 scenes on Riven this week, so far.  I was supposed to get into the first scene of Chapter 10 yesterday but my brain got kind of hijacked.  I’m not sure it still counts as a bunny if it’s an OLD book.  But some of what I’ve been reading lately made me think about this particular hero and heroine.   The book itself went through a couple different iterations–it dates back to 2007 and my murder and magnolias phase.  One of my fictional Mississippi towns..  First version was straight up romantic suspense.  Second version was part RS, part mystery, part ghost story.  And I had some notes jotted down for converting it to a straight up contemporary romance at some point (that didn’t get very far).  It was a book that couldn’t decide what exactly it wanted to be.

Part of that was because at the time I was very focused on traditional publishing, worried about series, and career trajectory.  I felt like whatever I made it, I’d have to keep writing stuff like that, so I darn well better make sure I liked whatever that was!  As I’ve since self published, that’s less of a restriction now.  I can (at some point) write the book however it wants to be written.  So I…might have made a full toolkit for it and made several thousands of words of notes…

It’s another one of those projects I don’t know when or if I’ll write.  But that’s part of why I have the toolkits.  So I can spew out plot stuff and character arc and whatever’s pumping for me while it’s pumping and then let it hang out until it’s ready.  Like, IDK, aging whiskey or something.  I’ve got 12 of them (4 of those are for series) in Evernote that I add stuff to as it comes to me.  If Evernote ever goes away like Google Notebook, I am screwed.

Either way, this definitely isn’t the planned next project…but there’s still a temptation to maybe try fast drafting it while I continue with the research and epic worldbuilding of that project…(there’s a lot of it).  I KNOW these characters and it’s a contemporary setting so I wouldn’t get bogged down in those kinds of details.  It might make a good candidate for a fast draft.  IDK.  We’ll see where my brain is when I finish revisions on Riven.  It might have cooled by then.

4 thoughts on “Walking Down Memory Lane

  1. Oh my, fast drafting would make my head explode. Every time I sit down to write, I read the chapter before and do corrections, if needed. I try to make my first draft as clean as possible so I’ll have less editing later. Everyone writes in different ways, though. I keep hearing “turn off your inner editor”. I just can’t. I don’t WANT to. 🙂

    Okay, I vote for part mystery, part ghost story. I LOVE mysteries and ghost stories.

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