Sunday Summary

Late post today.  We’ve been busy busy this weekend.  Family was in town, so we were visiting with them.  I didn’t get any writing done, but that’s okay.  

I’m feeling like a lousy pet parent.  We gave Daisy a bath today.  She had a bunch of crusty dirt and apparently scabby stuff on her tummy.  Once we got it all washed off, her poor belly was just torn up.  Not sure if it’s heat rash (it’s been SUPER hot this week), chiggers, her grass allergy, or what.  But we felt awful for not realizing it was this bad.  I made up some anti itch spray for her out of aloe, witch hazel, and a little bit of tea tree oil, and it’s already looking a lot better.  So yay for that.

We went to see The Heat this afternoon.  Was fairly profane, but really REALLY funny.  Melissa McCarthy is just awesome.

For the first time in a month, I managed to get all the laundry put away.  I have a really bad habit of never getting that last load put away.  It’s always left in the dryer or on the drying rack and just…never gets hung up or folded.

Did all my set up for round 3 of ROW80 today.  Had to write up my opening post, set up the linkies, etc.  And I’ve prewritten my goals post to go live tomorrow.  I’m ready to get back into the round.

Last week marks my first full week on the Beautiful Badass program.  I’m already dialing up the weight just a little bit, trying to settle on where I need to be.  I have a goal by the end of the year of being able to do some unassisted pull ups.  That would be just awesome.  Right now I’m doing them with a crossfit band that’s supposed to offset somewhere between 30-50 lbs.  Of course doing any at all is pretty cool.  I’m really excited about the program.

No other news I guess.  Off to bed.

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  1. Sounds like you’ve got a lot of great stuff going on, Kait! And somehow, you sound organized in the midst of it all. Good for you. Take care!

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