Monday Grump and Cool Personalized Ebook Recs

It’s Monday.  I’m feeling like Garfield–you know, when he’s wearing his teddy bear bedroom slippers, and holding on to that cup of coffee like a lifeline and glaring out at the world through sleep slitted eyes?  Yeah that.  And yes, possibly lasagna would make it all better…

It was a long weekend.  It’s already been a long day and it’s not even 2 yet.  Nothing much to say about it that doesn’t come across as generally bitchy and there are other folks much worse off, so I’m keeping my trap shut.

I’m ready to get back to writing and into my cave.

In other fun and more positive news, Blindsight is being featured Tuesday at The Fussy Librarian, a new website that offers personalized ebook recommendations. You choose from 30 genres and indicate preferences about content and then the computers work their magic. It’s pretty cool both from a reader and author’s perspective.  On the reader’s side you can choose your genre (which is awesome so that your inbox isn’t flooded with books you’d never think of reading).  From the author’s perspective it is awesome because presently, they are in a building phase, so the promotion is free.  Given the cost of various and sundry other promotions, this is nothing to sneeze at.  I can’t speak to numbers myself yet, but Lindsay Buroker had good luck with her permafree first installment to her Emperor’s Edge series.  That post also has a nice interview with the founder of the Fussy Librarian.

3 thoughts on “Monday Grump and Cool Personalized Ebook Recs

  1. It sounds like a great site. Very excited about it. I won’t be able to use it yet as an author because of their review requirements (don’t have enough yet, though all have been positive). However, I really like that they remember preferences for things like profanity, violence, etc. Very nice. In fact, I think I’ll mention it on a forum or two at Goodreads.

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