Surfacing From Revision Hell

I shouldn’t really call it Revision Hell this time.  It didn’t feel like Hell.

Either way, I spent my day off yesterday up to my eyeballs in revisions and

I finished.

So Be Careful, It’s My Heart is off to The Pink Hammer and The Green Gobsmacker for a final pass, I am in talks with my cover artist about concepts, and I’m already outlining the next project I plan to dive into while I wait for critiques to come back.

Edited to note that I have now SEEN the cover for Be Careful and it’s so perfect I’m having epic happy flails that I just can’t even.  Sorry I have to go stare in bliss.

3 thoughts on “Surfacing From Revision Hell

  1. Heh–new cover art never gets old, does it? Sometimes it’s one of my fiercest motivations when I’m stuck: But think of the COVER ART! *swoon*

    I’m glad yours worked out so well. 🙂

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