Sunday Summary #ROW80 Update

I can hardly believe it’s Sunday.  This whole week has been a blur.

  1. Mom had her surgery.  That went fine.  We got her here and settled.
  2. I went back to work.  Which was actually a refreshing and much needed return to routine.  The older I get, the more I come to value routine.  When you juggle as much as I do, I think disruptions–good or bad ones–make it hard to keep all those balls in the   air.
  3. We put up the Christmas tree.   This was actually a little sad-making.  Last Christmas was our first in our new house–a house which has 12 foot ceilings in the living room.  So last year we had the MegaTree.  An 11 foot giant that taught us that maybe just because we CAN, doesn’t necessarily mean we SHOULD.  Since Mom is tooling around in a wheelchair, we needed floor space, so we got a smaller, narrower tree this year, and this little 7′ Frasier Fir (which would’ve looked perfect in our old house in the tiny living room), looks just puny.   It only holds half my ornaments.  It’s a really minimalist decorating year either way this year.  No Christmas village, no outside lights, no stockings.  I didn’t even put on the bubble lights.  The holiday season is too short this year, what with Thanksgiving being so late, and we’ve got too much going on.
  4. Yesterday I finally got back to writing after several days off.  I’m nearly done with a fun little short project that I hope to release soon.  All the various disruptions this week have made it hard for me to keep my head in the story–lots of stuff keeping me bound to the immediacy of what’s going on IRL.  Not enough time for constructive daydreaming.  Quite apart from my natural introverted tendencies, I just find that I need a lot of quiet time to hear myself think.
  5. It’s a catch up, cleaning, organizing, cooking kind of day here at Chez Nolan.  We’re still shifting things around to accommodate a long term guest, trying to find homes for all our stuff that usually lives in the spaces she’s using.  Despite there normally being only two of us, we actually USE our entire four bedroom house.  There’s none of this having random guest spaces that just hang around and collect dust.  We rarely have guests, so I don’t see the point in wasting space.  Hubby and I both have our own interests and like having dedicated spaces for them.  I need to do a big fridge and freezer clean out to reorganize and make room for the batch cooking I’m doing later today.  And, of course, laundry.  And cleaning the floors (which STAY nasty when it’s all rainy like this).  Which I better get to.

3 thoughts on “Sunday Summary #ROW80 Update

  1. So glad you are back to writing and structure, and that your mom’s surgery went well (hope recuperation goes just as well!). For me, the saying “Idle Hands are the Devil’s Workshop” is so true. NaNo always teaches me that. The more slammed I am, the more I have to get it together and stick to something. Too much free time, and I’m lost. But I’d love to find that perfect balance between resting and working–it tends to elude me.

    I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you again for ROW80. It’s been a lifeline for me as a writer.

    I wish for you many wonderful moments to end this year and throughout 2014.

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