Midweek #ROW80 Check-In

We are 2 weeks from Christmas and what am I listening to this morning?  The Pacific Rim score (Ramin Djawadi–FABULOUS–he’s also the guy who composes the music for Game of Thrones).  Because the music from a big monster movie is about where my mood is this morning.  There’s nothing heinous or horrible wrong, just a lot of small annoyances that are piling on and making me stabbity.  Evernote has been NOT syncing due to an “unexpected problem at the server” since November 25th and I STILL haven’t heard back in response to my tech support ticket.  I’ve done EVERYTHING mentioned in the forums to fix it and nada.  Given I use Evernote for EVERYTHING, this is problematic.  I made my tea at 7:20 this morning.   Know when I finally got to drink it?  9:45.  This does not a Happy Kait make.

And if I don’t get my house clean today, I might kill someone.  I SWEAR it was clean on Sunday.  I did All The Things to make sure of it.  WHAT HAPPENED?  :wails:  (Reason number 837 why I probably shouldn’t have kids)  When stress is high on other fronts I Just Can’t Deal With Mess.  It puts me into psycho cleaning mode with an eye twitch, during which I often drop and spill things things in my haste to try to make it better because I Just Can’t Deal.  That is usually the point at which my husband forcibly makes me sit down, which I never want to do but he’s bigger than me.

So I’ve been all GOOSFRABA and trying to find my zen this morning.  The constant stream of interruptions isn’t helping with that.  Hence Pacific Rim.  This is one of those days I wish I had a punching bag in my office.  I used to have one forever ago.  No idea what happened to it.

IN MORE POSITIVE NEWS the writing has actually been going well the last few days.  I am down to the last piece of the last scene of this short story, which I hope to get to later today.  Looking forward to passing this on to my critique partners and getting out to all of you soon.  Also, tomorrow there will be THAI FOOD AND SHOP TALK with my local writer pal, which is always awesome.  And the SUN IS SHINING after days of rain rain rain (which has a lot to do with the terrifyingly dirty state of my floors), so that is also a big YAY.  Tomorrow night is boy’s night, so my mom and I will be settling in for a Girls Only viewing of The Sound of Music (the original, not the apparently terrible remake attempted by Carrie Underwood).  Love me some Julie Andrews.

Must go finish real work.

8 thoughts on “Midweek #ROW80 Check-In

  1. HA! I also have reasons in the hundreds (possibly thousands) as to why there are no kids in my future. I like being an Auntie, and I have cats, but that is the extent of my limited nuturing instinct. You’re not alone, sister. I’m right there with you. I’m dying to purge my office, but it’s slow going, and this makes me twitchy. Also, been having Word Press problems lately, for which the issue is known but no fixes are working. GAH!

  2. My aunt once told me that if your kitchen is clean, your whole house feels cleaner. And having it cleaned up does help me feel less like a raging kaiju.

  3. You could have a house guest sleeping in your living room on the floor. Your tale of woe with Evernote makes me ever so happy I haven’t jumped in on Scrivener. Even if I DO want all those neat non-Word features. If the writing is going well, all else will fall into place. Even kids and hubby. Enjoy these days — and the breaks between!

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