Where Did The Year Go?

Only ten days left in 2013.   I keep having these flashes of deja vu and realize I’m remembering stuff from LAST YEAR’S holiday season.  DUUUUDE, didn’t we JUST DO THIS?

So much of this year seemed to just FLY BY.   And other parts seemed to creep.

It’s too early yet for the “what did I accomplish this year?” and “what do I want to do next year?” discussions.   I’m sitting here listening to a great album by composer James Dooley and trying to sort my thoughts before diving into the day’s writing.  It’s this very moody, emotional, semi-epic kind of score that absolutely does NOT fit what I’m working on today, so I’ll probably have to switch here in a minute.

My Christmas shopping is actually DONE.  I’m waiting on a few things to come in for some last minute wrapping.  The holidays are weird this year.  Hubby has to work Christmas Eve and Christmas Day–AGAIN, and we haven’t sorted out how we’re going to work Christmas dinner or presents.  Maybe not until the 26th.  My mom will have a cow.  She started campaigning to get us to open stuff (gifts from her) when she arrived at the start of December.  She loooooooves giving presents.   I’ve already opened my Christmas jammies (because, of COURSE, she wanted me to be able to sleep in them Christmas Eve).   Unless we get some cooler weather back, that’s so not happening.  It’s a high of 77 today, which is a whole lot of WTF for December 21st.

The coffee shop is pretty quiet this morning.  All the students have gone home for Christmas.  I always love town when we get to this point.  It’s peaceful.  Aaaand I should really go take advantage.  There are scenes waiting to be written.

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