Operation G.I.T.: The Mass Reset

It’s Monday and I’m off work for MLK day (HURRAY!).  I’ve just spent the last three days hardcore toolkitting my next writing project (which I thought I’d done this for, but hadn’t, and got my hands ruler slapped by the Hammer over the weekend about).  So anyway, have been doing my homework and just finished my outline.  It needs transferring into Scrivener, but I am, for all intents and purposes, ready to dive in tomorrow.  YAY!

As it is Monday and I’m all about starting things on Monday, this morning I set up a completely new profile on my yoga game for Wii.  Since I haven’t consistently used it in 2 or 3 years, this seemed sensible so that I could totally start over on the Weight Loss track.  I had great luck with it when I did it  the first time.  Since there’s the full class and the abbreviated class, the plan is to do the abbreviated class 3 days a week on my weight lifting days (which was this morning) and the full class the other 2 days of the week.  And between all that, I’ll squeeze in walks wherever I can.

I also set up a new body mass tracker.  I’ve got an excel spreadsheet where I’ve been tracking my body mass, weight, and various and sundry other metrics since the start of 2012.  And I kind of stopped entering stuff because I was going up instead of down.  So I made a clean, fresh tracker without the old data to depress me because I’m not where I was when I started.  It’s a new day and old data doesn’t matter.

I also did the same at Sparkpeople, updating my weight, my goal weight, and so on.  I had gotten out of the habit of tracking my food because it is a PITA time suck.  But it keeps me honest and aware of what I’m eating.  So I’m back to that today.

Brand new day, brand new start.  No excessive or crazy goals.  Just the start of what will, I hope, be slow and steady progress toward uncovering my inner goddess.

6 thoughts on “Operation G.I.T.: The Mass Reset

  1. Good Luck with your goals! Have you tried the app LoseIt ? It’s a great weight loss tracker and they have an amazing feature that lets you just scan the bar code of what you are about to eat (or choose from a list of food) and they input all the caloric information for you and keeps a daily log for you. It’s also a great online community with a ton of amazing supportive people.

      1. Lol true but if you just type the ingredients of your recipe and the amount, it gives you the info needed and keeps track for you. It also saves the information you put in so that the next time you have it you don’t have to go through all that.

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