A New Meet Cute Romance: Once Upon A New Year’s Eve

I actually intended for this one to be ready FOR New Year’s, but life happened.  But hey, it’s still January!

It should have been the perfect New Year’s Eve date.  But when Gemma Forester gets called to bail her older brother out of trouble, she comes face to face with some of her own.  Aaron Hendricks never forgot his best friend’s little sister, but ten years wasn’t enough to prepare him for the woman she’s become.  Will a chance meeting allow them to overcome the past?

Once Upon A New Year’s Eve is a novelette of approximately 8,500 words.

“Meet cute” is a term used to describe a situation in which a future romantic couple meets for the first time.  Meet Cute Romance is a series of romantic shorts celebrating the possibilities of that first meeting.

Available at Amazon.  This book is completely DRM free and can be purchased at Amazon and converted to any other ebook format.

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