Sunday Summary and #ROW80 Check-In

  1. I SURVIVED THE HELL WEEK!  The grant isn’t out the door yet, but the worst part for me is over.  Thank your favorite deity.
  2. Been doing some reading.  Lots of novella length stuff.  Fearless by Tawny Weber, Cake by Lauren Dane, and Wrecked by Meljean Brook (the last of the Iron Season novellas and the last thing I had to tide me over until The Kraken King  serial starts in mid April).  Just started The Archived by Victoria Schwab, which is still 99 cents.
  3. I have been a plotting MACHINE.  In the last week, I’ve plotted out more than 13k words of plot.  MOST of that is on the first full length Wishful novel (now fully plotted and ready to go, barring some minor details).  Some is on a fun, for the hell of it project.  And a bit is on a project that’s been relegated to the backburner until I have more awesome to spare.
  4. Yesterday, I started the next Meet Cute Romance, Once Upon A Rescue.  This one is loosely based on something I actually observed at my vet’s office last year.  I want to get it finished up and off my plate before I dive in to Cam and Norah’s book, probably at the start of March.
  5. I made hubby a gluten free, red velvet cheesecake for a belated Valentine’s yesterday.  I was totally going to have another piece this afternoon, but then I made the egregious mistake of calculating the nutritional information.  So the rest of it is in the freezer for some other time.
  6. I’ve been working on getting back to tracking my calories and such.  Not the greatest week to do that with Valentine’s YUMMIES.  This is always a challenge because it is the FIRST thing to slide when I get busy or stressed.  I’ve successfully gotten back into the routine of exercise 5 days a week.  I made it to the Master level of New U Yoga for Wii–why hello Crane Pose, my old nemesis.  This week I also went through the first week of the C25K program again on my treadmill.  I can tell I’m getting more stable and making up for the several weeks I was off during December and early January.  But the food thing…yeah.  As usual, I mostly do fine at home, but when there are social engagements out…not so much.  Because even the “healthier options” are usually out of calorie budget.  :glares at 6’4″, 300 pound linebacker appetite in 5’4″ female body:
  7. I’ve got a birthday coming up.  34.  Been trying to decide what books I’m going to gift myself.  THERE ARE SO MANY ON MY WISHLIST.  And hubby is whisking me away for a long weekend to places unknown.  So that’ll be fun.

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