Midweek #ROW80 Check-In

  1. After last week’s epic plotting, it’s been a slow writing week.  I’m having a little trouble getting into my latest Meet Cute–the hero and shero haven’t spoken up to really clue me in to their personalities yet.  I did start the next Wishful novel last night–literally a page.  I was off on a tangent reading instead.
  2. From Girl To Goddess by Valerie Estelle Frankel has been on my To Buy list for quite some time.  I’m pretty sure I first became aware of it through Justine Musk, whose insightful posts constantly make me think.  But I just got around to buying my copy as a birthday present to myself.  Geektastic? Hell yeah.  But probably not as bad as that year I bought myself Practical Homicide Investigation.   What?  I was writing romantic suspense with serial killers at the time.  Anyway, it’s an absolutely fascinating read.  Frankel is doing what Joseph Campbell (the dude who informed us all about the well known Hero’s Journey) did decades ago–except she’s focusing on the Heroine’s Journey–just as old, just as valid, but mostly ignored because, hey, we’ve had a patriarchal society for the last few millennia.   It’s kinda long, really rich and detailed and marvelous.
  3. I’m on a mission to figure out what the hell it is I’m allergic to.  As it turns out, NOT the detergent, as I’ve changed it all and washed All The Things.  I’m pretty sure it’s  a food allergy rather than stress (as I didn’t get this during the month of December, which was as stressed as I’ve been possibly in my life), and I’m working on narrowing it down to a handful of foods I KNOW I ate within 24 hours of the first outbreak and the second.  I highly suspect the blueberries.  Or possibly the yogurt.  There are a few other possibilities, but those seem the most likely.  Waiting on this latest round to clear up before I start trying each of those one at a time.  Joy.  Meanwhile, I send the makers of Aveeno Eczema lotion rainbows and kittens because their product is awesome.
  4. Hubby and I are newly obsessed with 2 Broke Girls .  We’ve been binge watching and have nearly blown through season 2.  So funny.  Wrong on many levels, but so funny.
  5. We have been bed shopping.  This is always a confusing and somewhat stressful process.  But I’ve narrowed it down to two and just have to make up my mind.  And then comes all the OTHER stuff that goes along with buying a king sized bed–sheets and new bigger pillows and bed frames and such.  But OMG it’s going to be awesome to have an extra foot of space.  Before we got married, hubby and I were both accustomed to sleeping alone, in the MIDDLE of queen sized beds.  We’re both only children and don’t share well.  LOL.  Now somebody explain to me why king size comforters aren’t any bigger?  Because I’ve been buying king size comforters for my queen sized bed for years and they’re about the right length.  They won’t be big enough for a king size bed!
  6. Been working my way through C25K again.  I’m halfway through Week 2.  It’s amazing how much easier it is on the treadmill on NO INCLINE than it is on actual pavement with HILLS.  I really need to get around to trying out some of the programs on the machine to test whether it’s the incline mechanism that’s busted or (more likely) part of the connections for the buttons on that side (which can be replaced eventually).   Not ideal, but HELLO.  FREE (well via trade).  Which reminds me–we really need to rearrange the garage and go pick up the upright freezer we’re buying from a friend of mine…

9 thoughts on “Midweek #ROW80 Check-In

  1. I would read like to read a romantic suspense with serial killers. So, are you going to ever write that???

    I HATE Two Broke Girls. Yeah, they can be funny on some level, but they are so raunchy, they make me cringe. I like a different kind of humor. LOL

  2. And there was me thinking I was the only one disturbing people with my choice of presents to myself. I am often drawn to psych texts and ‘treated’ myself to the Ed Gein biography (‘Deviant’), written by a psychologist who worked with him. Fascinating but incredibly screwed up.

  3. An idea from our German friends: twin comforters for the bed. We did this two years ago, and it’s seriously awesome. You have a comforter and he as a comforter. Yours can be thicker or thinner. Whatever. It’s so nice not to share. No pulling. You can stick your feet out of either side – or both! We only have a queen bed (our bedroom is so small) so there is a little overlap, but it is really, really great. We hate going to hotels or visiting people who have a single comforter. We pull and compete for it all night. Anyway, thought I’d share a tip we learned from the Germans. They all use twin comforters. They think we’re nuts for sharing. Now, I have agree. It is nuts to share. 😉

  4. My husband made our bed (and the kids beds, too!). So happy I met him 17 years ago (today!).

    We’ve done separate blankets since almost the beginning. He likes his chest and feet sticking out, I like to sleep cocooned on my side. There was no feasible way to share peacefully. Now, in our queen sized bed, we just have silent battles over whose knee gets to go in the “sweet spot”!

    I dig 2 Broke Girls. Jim can take or leave it. This year’s episodes have tickled me.

    It sounds like you’re making great progress on the writing front – now, I wish you the best of luck with the allergen hunt! If my daughter reacts this summer the way she did last, we may need to try that eczema cream, so I’m glad you mentioned it!

    1. It’s a little bit pricey but cheaper than prescription stuff and works as well as steroid creams (for me) without the side effects (I hate to use any more medication type stuff than necessary and like the natural effects of the colloidal oatmeal).

      1. She’ll love the idea of using oatmeal on her skin! I hadn’t thought of it, last summer, but we’re not big on steroid creams,either, and she had a couple of miserable weeks.

        Thanks so much, Kait!

  5. I hope you’re able to figure out what’s triggering your allergy. That sounds awful.

    My hubby and I have had the same mattress for over a decade now, so we’re probably due to buy a new one in the next couple years. We flip it regularly so it wears more evenly, but you can only buy yourself so much time.

    Have a great weekend, Kait! Good luck with your writing goals. 🙂

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