Some Assembly Required

The name of the game around here the last 24 hours has been ASSEMBLY.  Our new bed came in yesterday, so I took off work early so we could go pick up the frame and box springs (we’re upgrading to a king size).  So last night was all about setting THAT up (and holy crap, it’s like sleeping on an ocean liner…all that SPACE!).

Today we assembled the big bookcase from Ikea.   For all that our shopping experience there was complete hell, the bookcase itself went together like a breeze.   There’s still the smaller flanking bookcase to put together, but I’m not in any particular rush on that.  Hubby’s aunt, who lives near Dallas, is going to see if she can pick up the one I’m missing (I feel so loved!) to bring the next time she comes to visit.   Either way, since the big one is up, I was able to move a bunch of stuff onto it (I’ll rearrange it to look PRETTY some other day) and OUT of my library, which freed up enough space to move my desk in here.

THAT involved furniture rearrangement, as I ended up not liking the desk where I’d originally planned to put it.  But now it’s all set up so that I have a proper work space where I can SHUT THE DOORS.  Whee!!!!  Please excuse craptastic, blurry phone pic.  All my bookcases with the actual BOOKS are over there on the left, and behind me are a pair of wingback chairs, an ottoman,  and a table for a nice reading space.  I’m quite pleased.

It’s been a busy day on the cooking front as well.  Since my egg replacer finally came in, I baked buns to go with tonight’s sausages and some loaf bread for sandwiches, which will help normalize this whole allergen free experience.  Today is Day 4.  I might make some banana muffins tomorrow for breakfast this week, as I’m already tired of vegetable hash.  MISS MY EGGS AND TOAST.  Anyway, we’re making it.

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