Midweek #ROW80 Check-In and LAST CHANCE To Get Snow Day For FREE

Before I forget, I’m putting Once Upon A Snow Day up for free ONE LAST TIME on Amazon before my KDP Select enrollment expires and I distribute it everywhere else.  You can get it tomorrow and Friday.  So if you missed it the first time, now’s your chance.

I meant to make it today and tomorrow, but apparently I got the dates wrong.  I blame it on lack of proper caffeine for a week.  I am now a full week into the allergen free thing.  I am about ready to do bodily harm to someone for a proper cup of tea.  I nearly gave in this morning–just to add some half and half to my tea.  Because I’ve given up finding an adequate substitute and I’m JONESING.  That’s been the hardest part.  I can tolerate missing the rest of it, but for the love of GOD I want my tea.  :looks pitiful:

I’m about a chapter into my next novel.  Been doing some rearranging of the next few scenes now that I’ve gotten into things.  I haven’t quite hit my rhythm yet.  Rhythm in general seems to be an issue lately.  I feel kind of out of sync with the world at the moment.  Some of that is the switch to Daylight Savings Time (insert profane remarks here).  Some of it is that my BFF from here moved a couple weeks ago and there’s a hole.   Some of it is changes in my routine–a lot of the normal constants (LIKE TEA, DAMN IT) aren’t constant right now.  I’m just…off.

But I feel good about the book, about where it’s going.  So that’s something.

2 thoughts on “Midweek #ROW80 Check-In and LAST CHANCE To Get Snow Day For FREE

  1. So maybe your tea and the stuff (is it milk?) you put in it aren’t what you’re allergic to. I just can’t imagine giving up foods to try to find out what the allergens are. You’re stronger than I am.

    1. Sorry things seem “off.” I know the feeling. The end of last year and the first two months of this month felt that way to me. I’m getting all of my frustrations about it out in my latest WIP, “Nutsie in Disguise.”

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