#VeronicaMarsMovie Either Give Me A Download That Works or Give Me My Money Back

UPDATED: FINALLY managed to get the standard definition downloaded and hubby grabbed the HD version from torrent so that we can actually keep it and watch on the TV instead of a computer.  Watched.  Loved.


That is all.


Earlier post:

I’ve got steam coming out my ears right now.

I was a Kickstarter backer of the Veronica Mars Movie.  I have been squeeing and excited about this movie since I heard the concept.  According to my backer level, I am supposed to have a digital copy of the download TODAY.

Well I’ve been trying for FOUR HOURS to get my movie.  And because they’ve chosen to use Flixter and Ultraviolet (hereafter known as THE WORST EFFING DELIVERY SERVICE KNOWN TO MAN), I’ve run into nothing but problems.   I’m sure this is a mandate from Warner Brothers (though that isn’t what they said in the backer update) because they’re all worried about piracy and crap and have to DRM the crap out of everything.

I couldn’t get the Flixter desktop app to install on ANY COMPUTER.  I tried streaming but Flixter doesn’t seem to buffer AT ALL, so it did nothing but jump and the audio was massively off.

Some kind soul told me that Ultraviolet works with Vudu, so I went to sign up for a free account there.   Got Vudu To Go installed and the download going.   Slower than Christmas, but going.  AND THEN IT TIMES OUT AT 95.8% and will go NO FURTHER.  For the hell of it, I tried streaming through Vudu, but of course “There was a problem authenticating your account for movie playback.”  Of course there was.

I’m pretty convinced this is a conspiracy designed by the studios to make more money because nobody wants to wait on their craptastic system to work and will go buy the movie from RELIABLE channels like Amazon or iTunes.  But damn it, I already paid for this movie.  I expected to get a digital copy of the movie I could actually WATCH as was promised.

It’s bad enough you only released in theaters that aren’t within a SIX HOUR DRIVE for me.  People, you KNEW you had over 91,000 backers.  You KNEW everybody would be trying to do this at once, ergo you should have been anticipating it and USED A SERVICE THAT WORKED.  Better yet, just let us download the AVI or MP4 file that we can go watch on our actual TV instead of kowtowing to antiquated and irritating antipiracy bullshit that makes the thing unwatchable by the very people who made your endeavor possible.   Real nice, guys.

I want my money back.

7 thoughts on “#VeronicaMarsMovie Either Give Me A Download That Works or Give Me My Money Back

  1. Wow. Sorry to read about fans getting screwed. Life has a way of screwing with people on individual level.

    One of the reasons why I hate DRM, is that the hassle. Once you download the videos and ebooks to your computer, it stays there permanently.

  2. What a bummer! I’m a backer too and saw your tweets. I was totally prepared for issues, but didn’t have any. I hope yours are temporary so you can enjoy the movie. Good luck!

  3. Were you by any chance trying to download using Wifi? I had similar problems watching Netflix movies via AppleTV. The problems were cured by wiring the AppleTV to the router with an ethernet cable instead of using the Wifi. It turns out that using too many Wifi devices on the same connection can easily overload it even when your high speed internet can handle the load.

      1. Just trying to be helpful. My friend used crowd-funding for his new photography book (‘Sky Crystals’ – Don Komarechka – it’s on Amazon.ca). Everyone got a free autographed copy and when he found a problem he replaced all those free copies. So some people do try to do the right thing for their customers.

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