In Praise of Rebellion

I am a huge fan of Justine Musk.  It seems like every time one of her posts hits my inbox, I find myself nodding like a bobble head or wanting to give the woman a fist bump and a HELL YES.  This was another of those posts.

A female creator is by definition a rebel, and a female rebel is a dangerous woman.

She’s dangerous because her full-blooded, authentic spirit and its insistence on expressing itself through her chosen medium cuts against what it means to be traditionally feminine. To be feminine, as our culture would have it, is to be quiet, inoffensive, self-sacrificing, restrained, pretty, pleasing and nice.

By this token I am a seriously dangerous badass.  I’m not quiet.  In fact, I’m pretty loud.  I’m not inoffensive.  I swear too much.  I’m not self-sacrificing–I fight tooth and nail for what’s important to me, even when it isn’t important to others.  I’m not restrained, and I don’t often give much of a damn about being pleasing and nice.  And frankly, I’m proud of that.

Long live rebellion.

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