Midweek #ROW80 Check-In

So in case you missed it, I got all ranty yesterday about entitlement in writer culture.  It’s spawned some good discussion and provoked some thoughts.  Including the fact that I need to remember some of these points myself.  I’ve caught myself recently struggling with some frustration over not getting back what I’m putting in in certain areas.  And that’s misplaced.  So working on letting that go and adjusting my own expectations.  Note to self: The rest of the world does not have my organizational and time management skills and expecting them to does not make it so.

In other writing news, I ripped out a new Meet Cute in five days.  Lord, I would LOVE to be able to regularly write them this fast!  But I’m going to treat this as a total fluke and not expect that.  This one is a crossover with my Wishful series, and it was such fun to write!  It’s currently awaiting a bit of editorial feedback, then I’ll send it out into the world.

I’m getting back to To Get Me To You today, and I’m excited because today I get to my CANDY BAR SCENE.  These are those scenes that pop into your head from early on in a WIP that you CAN’T WAIT TO WRITE.  This one’s already been through several permutations as the plot as subtly changed, and I’m psyched to finally get to it.  Some people would go ahead and write these scenes, but I’m a totally linear writer, so it’s RARE that I skip over stuff–because I know myself, and if I go out of order, then it’ll need to be rewritten because stuff CHANGES by the time I get there.

I’m officially two weeks into taekwondo classes again.  My new gi came in finally.  It’s red.  I’m a green belt.  So…I will look like I’m training for ChristmasFu for a while.   I’m so glad this dojo allows colored uniforms.   Both my prior uniforms were white, which meant I had to pay attention to what color underwear I had on.  Silly, I know, but relevant.  Nobody needs to know I’m wearing stars or plaid but me.  The muscle memory is coming back.  So’s the flexibility.  I’m still working on the balance, which is going slowly but that’s because I’m focusing really hard on making sure I’m using correct form instead of just flying through the motions.  Either way, I’m super glad I finally did this.

5 thoughts on “Midweek #ROW80 Check-In

  1. I clicked on the link to the entitlement post, and I need to go leave a comment there. 🙂 So I’ll say a rushed, “Yay, goals!” and then pop over to the other post again.

  2. Hoping to read the link tonight, but later we go camping out of state, and the kids and I definitely didn’t have your time management and organizational skills.

    Hooray for a five-day story- that’s amazing! And for the candy bar scene- may it be sweeter than you ever imagined.

    May your next week be at least as good (and with less need for ranting) as this one.

  3. Kait, love your blog and read it all the time. I would love to hear some time management tips. Maybe a good blog topic?

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