On Being Opinionated

I had no idea when I set up my ranty post about writer entitlement on Wednesday that it was going to go kind of viral.  I mean, dude, I GOT RTed by JIM BUTCHER!  (Thanks to Suzan Butler for letting me know that because…AWESOME).

The post has had almost 6k views as of this morning, and the only post I’ve ever written that’s had more comments was the one with screenshots on where the hell to change the editor font in Scrivener for Windows (almost all of which were kowtows of thanks because it’s SO NOT OBVIOUS).

Clearly I struck a nerve with a LOT of people.  And you know what?  It felt really good.

It’s been a long time since I posted an opinionated rant about anything.  I used to say what I thought all the time–usually something related to the wild west world of self publishing vs. traditional.  I had a really nice blog following.  Then I got agented, went on submission, and it seemed prudent to…curb my enthusiasm (and criticism).  It does not do to be calling out traditional publishers for asshatish, antiquated, or otherwise flat out STUPID behavior when they have your book in their hands.  In conjunction with a move toward greater positivity, life around the blog here has gotten downright tame–Not that being positive automatically equals tame–and my following shifted and dropped.  Which really wasn’t something I worried about, since I blog for myself because I enjoy it and any response from others is just gravy.  But still.

Since I made the decision to part ways from the traditional path for good a few months ago (mutual goodwill on both sides with my former agent–I’m just much happier with the pace and full control of self publishing), I guess I hadn’t thought about the fact that I’m free of that restriction now.  I’m not sure exactly what that will mean for the blog.  One interesting discussion on Facebook earlier this week has me mulling the possibility of a weekly post series about things writers should never do–which would be titled For The Love Of All That’s Holy… (LINCOLN CRISLER!)  If that’s something others would be interested in, I’m sure I have enough fodder to last…a while.

I don’t want to go posting about anything and everything I have an opinion about because I feel like I should be putting something of value out there into the universe–and there are often others who say things so much better than I could (Chuck Wendig, Justine Musk, and Delilah S. Dawson, to name a few).   But when something moves me to speak, I’ll be less likely to silence myself.   And I will continue to find more correct contexts for the use of the word DOUCHENOZZLE, which I have made a personal goal this year to increase the popularity of.

6 thoughts on “On Being Opinionated

  1. I found your rant through Delilah Dawson, and loved it so much, had to follow. I’d love to read a series on things a writer should never do. Consider me an ardent follower!

  2. I ask your permission to begin to use the word douchnozzle. I’ll spread it to Australia!

    I think being opinionated is a good thing! It means you’re staying true to yourself (and from what I can tell you’re pretty awesome)!

    I’d be interested in a list of things writers should never do!

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