Midweek #ROW80 Check-In

I am almost done with my Christmas shopping!  Which means now I need to do my Christmas baking!  I’m going to be out of town all weekend, so I’m not sure when I’m going to get to this…

I’ve been making slow progress on She’s Got A Way.  I’m in that sort of floundery place in the first act where I’m still sort of finding the right voice for the characters.  It’ll need revisions, so I’m not really worried about that, just trying to find my stride.  I’ve got to start making myself use Stay Focused again during my evening writing block so I don’t go off wasting time on Facebook or checking email.  We aren’t going to talk about yesterday’s tangent grabbing free stock photos during a trial at Stock Photo Secrets.

I am totally in that place right now where it’s dark in the morning, ergo I do not want to get out of bed. This is actually my beef with daylight savings time the rest of the year but winter, it doesn’t matter. It’s gonna be dark when I’m supposed to get up (and body says “GIRL, IT’S DARK! YOU SUPPOSED TO BE SLEEPIN’!).  As you all well know, a morning person, I am not. The not getting out of bed part means I’ve been slacking on my workouts, as the vast majority of my exercise happens then or not at all.

I had started laying groundwork a couple weeks ago for revamping my training program, with more of an eye toward strengthening my body specifically for taekwondo (being that I am not 20 anymore and this is not anywhere near as easy as it was in college :takes moment of silence in appreciation for the body I had at 20: ). I decided to try something a little different to combat boredom and create a sort of… a la carte system. Using Trello (this web based program/app that’s sort of like a lovechild of Evernote and Wunderlist), I made a series of boards with exercises in various categories: push, pull, deadlift variations, squat variations, bonus work, core work, band exercises, and specific TKD conditioning work. So the idea is that on my lifting days, I pick one from each category (well, more than one from bonus work if I have time/energy, as that covers a lot of different stuff). The bandwork is actually for Tuesdays and Thursdays when I run in the morning and have TKD in the evenings because I’ve got a set of bands in my office and can throw in a few things there during my get your butt out of your chair and move for a few minutes breaks.

So I dove in to that this morning. It was definitely nice to change things up. I also confirmed what I already knew–that I can’t hit the snooze button and get the full thing in AND my 15 minutes of traction per chiropractor’s orders, so I think I’m going to have to edge my alarm back 10 minutes while I acclimate.  With luck I won’t remember that I’ve done it and it will get me out of bed at 6 like I’m supposed to.

I’m also trying to find time to squeeze in at least a short one mile walk with Callie most days.  She had her annual check-up on Monday and my big fluffy has…well, chunked up.  To 111 pounds.  We have become woefully inactive since Daisy’s stroke because we hate taking  Callie since Daisy can’t go and looks so sad.  But take her we need to.  She needs to drop 11 pounds and get back into shape.  Hubby is planning to take her on his days off, so that leaves Monday-Wednesday or Thursday for me, depending on the week.  :eyes the schedule and wonders what can give:

Oh, and I promised to post a pic of the decorated tree.  We’re all festive and stuff.

3 thoughts on “Midweek #ROW80 Check-In

  1. Hey, at least you’re trying to make yourself get up so you can get those goals in! Good for you! And you have your tree up, hurray!

    Of our three animals, two of them would tear the tree down if we ever put it up. That and our getting older and stiffer and not so bothered about things means that we’re not really “doing” the holidays anymore. However, our brother and his family, with his three kids (the youngest is 6), they “do” holidays, so we can go join them over there if we want to. The joys of living in the same town, right?

    And, by the way, you are not the only one to want to stay in bed if it’s still dark out. 🙂

  2. So daylight savings is supposed to result in more light during the day. But it is truly DARK here by 4:30 pm, and the change seems exacerbated by my old bones trying to adapt (I’m groaning over something that happened over a month ago). This check-in shows a lovely holiday tree AND that you are working on your writing, maybe just thinking — but still thinking. That exercise and messing with the alarm clock may help as well. May the end of the year be a good one for all your goals.

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