New Meet Cute Romance Covers!

So I have this thing where I like to play with cover art when I’m bored or procrastinating.  I’ve been gradually getting better with Photoshop, watching a video here, reading a tutorial there.  I completely <3 my cover artist Robin Ludwig, but I can’t justify the cost of her talents for my Meet Cutes since they’re not real money makers–just sort of Foot in the Door or Hey I’m Still Here! reads.  All the stock art, I’ve gotten as part of free trials at one place or other, so the covers for these haven’t cost me anything but time.  The first batch of them were okay.  They did the trick.  But there were things about them that were unprofessional or that just generally bugged me.  So this week, I made new covers for all of them to be a bit more consistent with the look Robin established for my Wishful series.  The old ones are on the left, the new ones on the right.  New Year’s Eve and Heirloom in particular I”m much happier with.  I was never happy with the stuff I had to do to make the text show up in the original versions.  I think I’m pretty pleased with these.  They’re cleaner than the originals and fix a lot of the issues I had with the first batch.  Got them uploaded everywhere (I think) last night.  And now we will see if they make a difference in sales!

Once Upon A Snow Day Final 3  Cover Attempt 2

Once Upon A New Year's Eve: Meet Cute Romance 2  Cover Attempt 9

Once Upon An Heirloom: Meet Cute Romance 3  Cover Attempt 2

Once Upon A Coffee 2  Cover Attempt 2

2 thoughts on “New Meet Cute Romance Covers!

  1. These do look better, especially New Year’s Eve and Heirloom. I know what you mean about not being able to justify the cost of a cover for these smaller works. I had that issue with my free story, The Third Wish. I told my cover artist I was going to do one on my own. She cringed and threw something together for me. LOL. But you’re doing a great job on your own. 🙂

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