Sunday Summary and #ROW80 Update

  1. It was in the 60s yesterday.  And this morning I have my fire going.  Welcome to winter in Mississippi.  Princess Daisy says hi.  Callie says ZZZZZZZZZ.
    Puppehs in front of the fire
  2. It’s been a big week here.  I launched my pretty new website, which merged my writer’s website and my cooking blog.  It was a big move over to self hosted WordPress again and there will probably be a few bugs that I haven’t caught yet, so if you notice anything wonky or broken links or whatnot, please let me know so that I can address it.
  3. I also finished the print layout and cover for my cookbook, HELP!  Food Allergies Coming To Dinner, which is now available at  Amazon, Amazon UK, the other European Amazons, and Createspace, with more coming as things populate elsewhere (Barnes and Noble and The Book Depository eventually).  It is (or will be) listed in the catalogs used by other bookstores and libraries, so you can request your local bookstore order it, if you’d rather go that way.
  4. I’ve been physically taking it easy the last week, even though I was over the flu.  So far the first six weeks of the new year have been a total bust in terms of getting back into a fitness routine.  That changes tomorrow.  I am ready to MOVE.  I feel…kind of squidgy (that’s possibly the chocolate lava cake and nachos we had for Valentine’s Dinner).
  5. Friday night I finally got back to some fiction.  It had been ten days since I’d done anything at all with fiction (plotting), and 23 days since I wrote actual PROSE (during which time I finished my cookbook and replotted She’s Got A Way to be a full novel instead of the novella I had planned).  I barely got more than my test mile of 500 words, but that was entirely to be expected after that much time off.  I had just started to get back into the scene when I realized I’d burned the crap out of the bacon I was cooking to go with dinner.  New rule…no cooking bacon while writing.  It was a serious party foul.  I had hoped to get more words yesterday, but I wound up helping a friend move.
  6. I’ve got a bazillion loads of laundry to do today, Princess Daisy needs a bath, and there are an assortment of other chores that need doing, so I need to get back to scrounging some words while I still have a bit of quiet this morning.  Hope everybody has a GREAT day.

5 thoughts on “Sunday Summary and #ROW80 Update

  1. Love your new site! It will be a great place to explore. Congrats on your cookbook! That’s a huge achievement. The other goals will come.

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