Birthday #ROW80 Check-In

  1. I turn 35 today.  Some people feel old at this age.  Given that my husband bought me the entire line of Star Wars Itty Bittys from Hallmark, I think I’m good on that front.  This man totally gets me.  <3  It’s a toss up between Chewie and Han as to which is my favorite.Itty Bittys
    Best commercial ever.
  2. Oracle of the ShapeshiftersMy writer pals have hooked me up with wonderful writerly gifts.  Only another writer can truly understand the pure excitement of new OFFICE SUPPLIES (thank you, Lisa!) or oracle cards for plotting (thank you, Susan!).  The art in this deck by Jasmine Becket-Griffith is gorgeous and the concept lends itself really well to character exploration and character arc development.  I’ve been playing a little with the oracle cards and having Mirusy thoughts for the first time in ages.  Nothing specific, just exploring a couple of peripheral characters to see what pops for me.  I regularly use these sorts of tools with projects that already have a shape, but I’m always interested in what I can develop from little more than a kernel of inspiration.
  3. On the writing front, things have gone pretty well this week.  5408 words this week.  I set myself the new goal of getting the new scenes of Act 1 finished and getting through the revision of the 12 scenes I’d already written before I decided to expand this to a novel by the end of the month.  I still lack 2 scenes in Act 1 and yesterday I spent my coffee shop time blowing through 11 of the 12 scenes that needed revising.  Six days left to go.  I should be able to meet this mini goal without a problem, and then I’m hoping to gain some forward momentum.
  4. This week, I’ve been having All the Thoughts on the issue of character agency and the power of fiction.  We had some interesting discussion going on in my last post, if you care to pop over and check it out.
  5. This week’s recipe was Lemon, Rosemary, Garlic Chicken and Roasted Vegetables–a fabulous one dish meal that freezes really well.
  6. My new Audible credit came in today (the last of my 3 months for $3 promo I signed up for), so I immediately nabbed Meljean Brook’s The Kraken King.  I cannot tell you how much I love this series.  And the narrator for the Iron Seas books is amazing.  This will keep me in happy listening for quite some time because…well, it was a serial, so it’s very long.  And also because Ariq is the perfect writer’s hero.  <3
  7. I’m off to finish up some chores before getting ready for birthday festivities!
  8. Oh, as a birthday favor, can I beg you to swing by Amazon to my listing of Once Upon A Coffee and report a lower price?  I’m trying to get it price matched to free since the story is now everywhere.  There’s a link at the bottom of the product details section to do so. Thank you!!!
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9 thoughts on “Birthday #ROW80 Check-In

  1. Happy Birthday Kait! The Star Wars Itty Bittys are addorable. It’s great that its gone so well on the writing front this week. I hope the momentum continues!

  2. Happy Birthday one day late! May the festivities continue. Birthday cake for breakfast? Why not! Celebrate and cherish each day, persevere with the writing, and know your efforts with this very special ROW80 writing community are appreciated over and over again.

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