Midweek #ROW80 Progress Report

Welcome to my latest #ROW80 Progress Report!  Wherein I…don’t have a whole heck of a lot o progress TO report.

After a magnificent word count last week, things have slowed down on the writing front.  I ended up adding a couple of scenes on the fly without properly sorting out their function (other than I needed something a bit fluffy and happy before I started blowing things up for my shero again), so the last couple of days, I’ve slowed down to go back and actually sort that out.  I had some ideas today that will really help solidify my shero’s character arc (inspired by random stuff I read on Facebook, of all things!), so after work, I’ll sit down to start sorting that out.  I’m more or less back up to my midpoint, which is where I was when I made that big 25k word axe.  I’m thinking I might need to do a read through just to solidify in my head what stayed in the current version of the narrative because I’ve got the flotsam and jetsam of multiple versions floating around in my brain, and I can’t remember what I still need to seed.  And that’ll give me a good chance to rest my wrists, which have been SCREAMING with carpal tunnel this week as a result of beaucoup de data entry.

I haven’t been reading much the last couple of weeks.  I’d like to, but I’ve been SUPER duper busy at the Evil Day Job (and stressed with it).  All my limited extra attention has gone to writing and Operation GIT.  I’ve been doing Phase 1 of South Beach again (on day 5), and Monday I moved back to free weights from the Spartacus Workout DVDs I’ve been doing the last 6 weeks.

Hubs and I have started watching Daredevil on Netflix.  So far we’re really impressed.  It’s dark and the fight choreography is top notch.  Never would’ve thought this was Tristan from Stardust!  I am completely in love with Foggy and his snark.  Plus there’s the whole awesome factor of Netflix releasing the whole season at once so it can be binge watched (thank you for fueling our habit, Netflix, we appreciate you).  I can’t think of anybody I’ve watched recently who so beautifully punches without telegraphing intent.  We’re only 3 episodes in (because BUSY, dang it!), and I’m still trying to decide who I’m shipping with who.  Because that’s important, yo.  What are y’all thinking about Daredevil.


2 thoughts on “Midweek #ROW80 Progress Report

  1. Daredevil, huh? I don’t watch a lot of TV, but these superhero shows are a lot of fun. My son has me watching The Flash with him. We have no cable or internet at home and have to deal with our two Netflix discs at a time, so it does make it a little harder to binge watch shows. 🙂

  2. To think about Daredevil, I’s have to stop thinking about Enterprise. And, well, the Vulcan lady just won’t let me do that, because she wants her cute and intransigent chief engineer…

    On the plus side, she fights beautifully, and I love the way she drops people with the nerve pinch, then daintily and logically steps aside as they hit the ground.

    Yummy. (And I can binge the whole series on Netflix or Prime – even better!)

    Figuring stuff out is as important as word counts, IMO…especially with a stressful Evil Day Job.

    I’ve been drafting my first (kinda) non-fanfic romance, plotting another volume in that series, and hometending spring-cleaning style. It feels good to not see feet of snow outside!

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