Sunday Summary and #ROW80 Progress Report

  1. It’s a late progress report today.  I’ve just gotten back from an Outlander watch party.  OMG, all the feels!
    hey girl
  2. It was a slow writing week.  I had to head back to the plotting board to finalize what happens in the last quarter of the book.  Then I needed to do a read-through to really set the current version in my head.  I did wind up with 5200 words, mostly in the last two days.
  3. On an Operation G.I.T. front, today was Day 10 of Phase 1 of South Beach.  I’m finally down the weight I’d put on since Christmas.  I expect it’ll be up again in the morning after the epic taco bar my girlfriends and I had with Outlander tonight.  But that’ll go away after tomorrow.
  4. I also totally got bunnied while watching for some kind of alternate history where the Jacobites won.  Because I needed another bunny.
  5. This week’s recipe was basic turkey meatballs.

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