Midweek #ROW80 Progress Report

So I’m sick.  Again.  I swear I’ve been sick more in the last 6 months than I have the last 6 years.   I don’t know what’s up with that except that the last 10 years of burning the candle at both ends is catching up with me and I’m not in my 20s anymore.  I’m sick to death of being busy.  This actually started last week but I didn’t have time to go to the doctor or take off between travel for work and many many end of month deadlines at the Evil Day Job.  So I got knocked on my ass yesterday.  Finally made it to the doctor, got a shot, antibiotics, and REAL SUDAFED–praise Jesus.  I’m a big fan of actually being able to breathe.  Of course, between all that I now feel strangely exhausted and manic.  Woke up to write at 1 this morning (wasn’t sleeping well anyway).  So I took yesterday and today off, and hopefully I won’t be hacking up a lung when I go back to work tomorrow because I have too much to do to stay home again.

Upside, it’s given me some time to really work through this mental niggle I’ve had for the last week or so on my book.  I knew…something wasn’t right.  I finally realized that my Act 4 felt kind of meh because I hadn’t raised the stakes enough in Act 3.  So I did some brainstorming on Monday for how I could make things so much worse for my shero–and how that would be because of her own actions.  Hit on the perfect thing and managed to get that woven in to the rest of the outline Monday and yesterday.  So that part is good.  And I’m mired all up in the middle of the epic smackdown and Black Moment, and I hate this part where I have to split the hero and shero up when I’ve only JUST gotten them together.  Last night I dreamed I was through that patch and the end of the Black Period is what I woke up to write.  Of course, now I have the 5 scenes preceding it to knock out.  Either way, I’ve clocked a couple thousand words since the weekend, despite illness and being heavily medicated.  Pleased with that.  Once I’ve knocked back another cup of tea, I’ll give some more of that a try.  Then maybe a nap.

I finished another Kate Perry novel (Sweet on You) yesterday while sitting in the doc’s office.  I think I’ve only got 2 left of her Laurel Heights series.  In audio, I’ve been re-listening to la Nora’s Savor The Moment.  Nobody does great girlfriends like la Nora.  I love her heroes too, but it’s the female friendships that keep me coming back time after time.

I realized recently that I’ve read very little that isn’t contemporary the last couple of years.  I just haven’t been in the mood for fantasy or paranormal.  I watch plenty of it in movies and TV, but I think I’m so busy right now that I don’t have the attention span and extra brain cells for non contemporary fiction–I can’t keep the details in my head to truly enjoy the story since my reading is a spotty thing in short bursts these days.  The last few months especially, I’ve gravitated to novellas and category length stuff, which I can get through in a week or less, even when I’m super busy.

Either way, hoping to feel back to normal or some approximation tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Midweek #ROW80 Progress Report

  1. I hope all this clears up quickly so you can get back on track with everything. However, maybe those couple of days off, even if you were sick, were something you needed. Just to step away from the day job. Wishing for you a quick recovery and much fun with your WIP!

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