Midweek #ROW80 Progress Report

I’ve fallen off the blogging wagon the last several days, but it’s definitely time for another #ROW80 progress report.  Been SUUUUUPER busy at the Evil Day Job, had out of town company over the weekend, been training my butt off for my blue belt test in Taekwondo (coming up Sunday!), and working my way through first pass revisions of Know Me Well.  The latter is going slower than I’d wanted, but well.  I’ve got 6 chapters left for my POV deepening pass, then two new scenes to add, and three or four sections that need moderate rewriting.  Then it’s off to editor 1 for her first pass.  I figure it’ll be another week because I won’t have any time to write this weekend.

On Saturday, I’m headed to Birmingham with my girlfriends on a Bucket List trip to hear Garth Brooks in concert.  SO FLIPPING EXCITED.  And then I get back from that Sunday just in time to test for my blue belt.

I’ve also been doing some well-deserved reading–I just finished Candis Terry’s Home Sweet Home (an expansion of her novella in the For Love and Honor anthology).  I also just started Ava Miles’ Nora Roberts Land in audio.  I’m cracking up so much at this book because I’m a hard core fan of La Nora.  She’s why I read romance, why I write it.  So I feel like I’ve totally had the conversations in this book with my own friends.  And because I’m a member of Team Kate Perry, I just dove into What A Girl Wants, which I’m loving.  It’s so fun to be a fan girl and get to glom early and help out on release day.

That being said, I kinda thought it was a good idea–street teams (dumb name…nobody’s hitting the literal street) are a Thing these days.  So I’m forming a Team Nolan.  Pulling together stuff for all that–more details later.  But first…GARTH!

4 thoughts on “Midweek #ROW80 Progress Report

  1. Kait, you might feel like you’ve fallen behind, but WOW, woman, you’ve been busy! Count your progress on your goals, yes, but remember, all progress is progress, even if it’s slower than you might like. You’ll get there, eventually.

    Garth, huh? I haven’t listened to him much in nearly a decade, but I saw clips of one of his shows about 12 years ago, or so, and OH MY GOSH HOW MUCH COFFEE HAS HE HAD?! Getting to see him live, though … that’s gonna be fantastic! 😀 Congratulations to you! And congratulations on going for your blue belt, too. I can’t move well enough to even walk past a dojo and glance in with longing. If I ever lose my ability to type, though, I’ll be just devastated.

    I’d love it if you could swing by my blog, too. I actually posted an update today, yay!

  2. I’d say you have been very busy. To work full time and edit/write/read and still have time for concerts (love Garth Brooks – enjoy!) and taken your blue belt (all the best!). Congrats on accomplishing so much.

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