Sunday Summary and #ROW80 Progress Report

  1. I am SO FLIPPING CLOSE to being done with revisions.  6,000+ words this week.  What I thought was the last new scene I needed to write was running long, so I opted to cut it in half and switch POVs for the second half.  So I still lack that second half and some tweaks to three more scenes.  Then a proofread.  I might have finished except that…
  2. I have been cooking ALL THE THINGS.  This weekend I have made:  vegetable stock, 4 pounds of chicken nuggets, 4 pounds of grilled chicken thighs for salads, 4 pounds of meatballs, 20 pounds of chicken quarters for dog food, southwestern vegetable soup, a blueberry peach crumble, sausage squash casserole, grilled sausage, polenta, 2 quiches, and a behemoth batch of green beans–all of which had to be prepped for the freezer. Well except the casserole, which was for dinner tonight, and the green beans, which I’ll be eating on all week.
  3. The high point of the weekend was waking up yesterday morning to find that To Get Me To You had hit 226 in the overall Free Kindle Store.  No idea what was driving it, but that was very exciting.  I got up to 25 and 29 on a couple of category lists at one point.  I’m over 1,000 downloads for the weekend.  I’m hoping that at least a small percentage of those will read, review, and sign up for my newsletter.  We shall see.  It’s a long haul game at this point.  My focus has to be on getting Know Me Well out the door, then diving into the anthology novella that’s due…um…end of August  :wince:  I’m the organizer, so I can probably convince everybody to push that back a couple of weeks.
  4. Our little cutie pie, Huck, has been growing like a weed.  We’ve had him for a month tomorrow.  That seems…insane.  It’s looking very much like he’s going to get his size from the pyr side.  I mean…LOOK AT THOSE FEET.
    First Day Home
    First Day Home (12 Weeks)
    One month later (4 months)
    One month later (4 months)
  5. Hubs and I have a new gym membership starting in August.  Got a stellar deal through his job where it’s cheaper for both of us than it would be for one of us the usual route.  It’s been years since I’ve worked out formally in a gym.  Back in grad school, I think.  I’ve got a really nice home gym set up here, but I’ve gotten rather lax in the last seven or eight months.  So I’m really looking forward to the change of pace and access to a full set of machines and free weights.  Since there will be treadmills in AIR CONDITIONING I’m going to start Couch 2 5K again.  Running is good thinking time.  Can’t wait to start!

5 thoughts on “Sunday Summary and #ROW80 Progress Report

  1. Wow, I cannot believe how much the puppy has grown. I love that you have him on the tiled floor where his growth can be seen so well. He is adorable!

    Also, best wishes getting back into an exercise routine. I was laid up with bursitis for two months, but am finally able to run again, except that it is too hot outside now! Argh. No air-conditioning, but I do have a treadmill in my nice cool basement!

    Have a great week.

  2. Congratulations on To Get Me to You! That’s great!

    That is a *lot* of cooking! I’m so impressed. I always dream of doing huge batches of cooking like that, but I never manage to organize myself to make it happen.

    And Huck is a cutie! What a gorgeous boy! And yes, those are very big feet he’s working on growing into.

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