Late Sunday Summary and #ROW80 Progress Report

It’s been a LONG WEEK.  So I’m very late writing my progress report.

  1. First off was the Great Punctuation Debacle in my preorder file for Know Me Well, where more than half the periods were missing.  I spent days laboriously correcting things and going rounds with Amazon about whether they would notify the people who’d pre-ordered.  Ultimately, it was determined to be a “minor quality issue” and no email will be sent.  I’m sorry, having half the major punctuation missing from the entire book makes for a pretty serious impact on reader experience.  But it’s out of my hands.  All I can hope is that since this was the third book in the series, that the handful of people who pre-ordered are on my mailing list, read this blog, or hang out over in the Wishful group on Facebook and have seen the notice about the problem and won’t ding me with a crap review.
  2. And then there was the release of Know Me Well on Friday which I wasn’t even around for because I was on the road for work.  High point, I had some FANTASTIC food while I was in Natchez.
  3. I had some issues with Windows 10 on my laptop, with a broken update that kept my computer in a reboot loop.  That took a while to get around.
  4. I finally REALLY got back to Wish I Might yesterday.  I knocked out 2400 words and finished 2 scenes.  If I bust my hump, there’s actually a slim possibility I could finish this novella actually ON TIME (i.e. the end of this month) and within word count (what a concept).  And then…THEN…Autumn and Judd.
  5. I’ve been going through a lot of audiobooks lately since I’ve been in my car.  Last week I knocked out The Chocolate Kiss by Lauren Florand (DELIGHTFUL) and Treasure on Moon Lake by Amy Gamet (Enjoyable but could have benefitted from another 10-15k of plot to support the romance).  And I just started Loving Lauren by Jill Sanders this morning.  I’ve been on a kick lately where I deliberately search out the freebie lists for ebooks I might like to read that have Whispersync companions for cheap (less than $3).  Feeds my habit for a lot cheaper than my original Audible subscription.
  6. Here’s hoping this week is a little bit calmer.

4 thoughts on “Late Sunday Summary and #ROW80 Progress Report

  1. So…a couple of out of your control semi-terrible things and other cool things! 2400 words is phenomenal.

    I love listening to books during my commutes–but I rent them from the library, because I work there! Right now I’m listening to The Diviners by Libba Bray, the woman who reads it is so talented, I would probably listen to anything she read.

  2. Ebooks are such a boon in the car (or while walking on the track at the Y). I do a similar thing with podcasts, but I may try what you’re doing with the freebies lists, Kait.

    Sorry to hear about the Punctuation Debacle. That doesn’t sound like a “minor” thing to me. Ugh! The more and more I hear about online publishing… (about publishing in general), the more I admire people who do publish. Because… I know myself as a reader; I’m a fastidious pain. I can only imagine what it would be like to deal with a bunch of people like myself… 😉

    In the end though…. well, you’ve got a lot of other books out there. People know that is not your usual ‘style”. They can see the truth.

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