Midweek #ROW80 Check-In

I haven’t really gotten any further on Wish I Might since Sunday.  Hubs is coming off his long week, so I’ve been spending a little time with him.  Plus, I kinda hate the scene I wrote Sunday night.  I think I’ve about worked my way around to how to fix it (at least well enough to get to the end of the draft).  I’m still on target to finish this week.

I’ve been thinking about marketing and promotion a lot lately.  I’ve been reading a TON, most of which applies to non-fiction but doesn’t really suit fiction itself.  The thing I’ve chosen to focus on this year is really building my newsletter list with people who are legitimately interested in reading my contemporary romance (which is why I don’t believe in doing newsletter drives in conjunction with contests–because then you have all those people signing up for prizes who will unsubscribe later).  That’s been going pretty well, and I’ve added a fair number of people.

I don’t have much to throw at marketing in terms of money (I try not to spend outside whatever profits I’m making), so I’ve been considering ways to leverage what I DO have, which is the work.  To Get Me To You is out there for free as a loss leader to pull people into the world.  People who sign up for my newsletter get a free copy of Be Careful, It’s My Heart.  So there’s that gradual trickle down rollover effect.  It’s a slow build, and I’m prepared for that.  This is a long-haul strategy, designed to (hopefully) hit a tipping point with my next Wishful release, Something’s Gotta Give.  I’ve got something else I’m noodling over to go along with the release of that book to hopefully build some interest.

I’ve got a whole other strategy I want to try with the Sooper Seekrit Project I’m gonna try to  write concurrently with SGG.  That’s also contemporary romance, 3 novels, with a bonus story of indeterminate length (the woman I thought was the shero of book 3 informed me that, no, she is not that hero’s shero but she’s story worthy herself, thank-you-very-much).  There’s another character who could get a bonus story or could be held on to and used to spin off something else in the same location later on down the line.  I won’t know until I get into the writing.  This project is one where I want to have all three written (or mostly) so that I can do that wham bam close together release that so many have found success with.  There are SO MANY what ifs in that scenario.  But I won’t know until I dive in and try.  Either way, I want Wish I Might off my plate and out of my brain (even though release of the Virtual Match anthology won’t be until February next year).

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