Sunday Summary and #ROW80 Check-In

  1. I had something of a crisis of writer faith this week.  One of those panicked points where I worry that nothing I’m working on right now is…well, working.  This makes me particularly paranoid because the last book I was this invested in was Daughter of the Hunt, which was a hot mess and I didn’t realize it until I’d spent a year on it.  For nothing.  (Someday I might come back to that one).  Something’s Gotta Give is giving me fits.  I KNOW the plot is solid from the FPP on.  I just need to work out the right place to enter the story and the best way to present Act 1 and I just…haven’t found it yet.  Rather than keep beating my head against a wall, I’ve been focusing on the Sooper Seekrit project book 1, which is going okay.  A few hiccups just because I’m overwhelmed.  And I’ve got a Meet Cute I’m also planning to start this week.  So I’ve got plenty to keep me occupied.
  2. Part of what has me overwhelmed is that I’m being required to take a month long class for part of my teaching certification.  I didn’t know I was going to have to do this, didn’t know it would be a month, and I have several other things going on (like a 6 week obedience class for Huck, among other things) that’s just jam packing my days.  And this class is making me realize how very much I am not an educator.  I don’t give a crap about pedagogy.  This just happens to be a thing that I do.  I keep looking at all these things that they consider “Best Practices” for online education and thinking “You’re all smoking crack.”  And unless my university suddenly starts mandating it, I will never, EVER include group work in one of my classes.  I’m not penalizing anybody with that.  All group work ever teaches is how much people suck.  And in an online class where people are taking it because they have limited schedules to begin with…I guarantee it would suck worse for the people who waited til the last minute.  That’s a great big nope.  Anyway…one week down.  Three weeks to go.  And not that I was in any way interested in going back to school, but this would’ve killed it.  I’m so done.
  3. I’m also about to be back on the road traveling for work again.  I’m less than enthused about this since I already did a bunch of this over the summer.
  4. With all that going on, I don’t know if I’m going to do NaNo.  I actually did sign up before all of this hit, and I’m sure I’ll participate in some sprints and absorb some of the enthusiasm (which is why I am always seduced into NaNo, even though I know it’s not practical for me, like, ever), but I’m definitely not going to beat myself up over it.  If I even have one of my normal 25-30k months, I’ll be quite happy.  And part of that chunk, I’d like to be this Meet Cute.
  5. I made it through October without any candy.  I usually allow myself one bag of candy corn a year, only during October.  This year I decided the attendant reignition of my sugar addiction wasn’t worth it.  I didn’t have any other candy either, so I’m going into the Holiday season without having the pump primed for sugar, as it were.  I figure this puts me a leg up.
  6. I fell off the 30 Day Yoga wagon when I got sick a couple weeks ago and haven’t gotten back on.  I need to get back on for my sanity.  But it’s that thing about time.  I need to find the time to carve out…but when?
  7. Possibly, I’ve completely lost my mind.  Since Daylight Savings Time just rolled back today (thank God), I am considering (at least for a week) trying to get up at 5 instead of my usual 6, in order to TRY to get in some words in the morning.  I’ve done this in the past with little to no success because I am generally a wordless zombie until I’ve been up a few hours and had caffeine.  But every productivity program everywhere talks about the importance of doing stuff for you in the morning before anything else has a chance to interfere (this is why I work out in the morning…doesn’t require words and then it’s done and I don’t have to think about it again).  So…worth a try for a week.  If I can crank out at least 500 in that chunk of the day, I’ll call it worth doing.   My hope is that I can keep my head more solidly in the story all day by starting then, which might allow me to get in a few hundred over lunch or on breaks as well.  That’s particularly useful on days I have TKD and not much time to write.  We shall see.
  8. I’m waiting on my new washing machine to be delivered.  Ours started leaking from the bottom last weekend.  It was used when we bought it 8 years ago, so I figure it had a pretty good run.  I got a stupendous deal on the new one when I went to Lowes yesterday.  They had a display model of one of those fancy pants Samsung HE top loaders, normally $899 marked down to $599.  Plus another 20% off of that.  And I got another 10% off THAT by opening a Lowes card.  So, grand total, I ended up getting it for 52% off.  With free delivery.  I hate that we had to get one, but I’m stoked about the deal.
  9. I just realized the latest Nora comes out this week, so I have to find time to fit that in around everything ELSE.  Because…la Nora.

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  1. Someone’s schedule (besides my own) makes me tired just reading it. It could also be the fact that it’s coming up on 12:30, but I’m sure that’s only part of it. All the best, Kait. Looking forward to hearing how things progress.

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