Final ROW80 Round 4 Progress Report

I meant to do this on the 24th but I was writing down to the wire before company arrived and left myself with only 45 minutes to do everything I’d blown off so that I could finish what I was doing.  Company’s gone now and I’m enjoying the glorious quiet, while my dogs snooze on the sofa, so I finally have some time to think.  It’s absurdly hot for December–was 79 degrees Christmas Day and has been raining a ton.  There’s been a rash of awful tornadoes–all of which missed us, thank God, but others weren’t so lucky.  Scary stuff.  We’re all slowly climbing out of a holiday food coma, and I’ve been doing a bunch of research and planning, as hubby and I plan to do Whole 30 in January as a hard core reset after the holidays.  The only part that really bothers either of us is having to give up the stuff that goes in our choice of caffeine (coffee for him, tea for me).  I don’t know if I’ll keep trying to drink it black or trying other types of tea plain or if I’ll just suck it up and do without for those 30 days.  Guess I’ll see what they’ve got in the way of alternatives when I hit up the grocery.  Even if we did that tiny fudge, the rest would be substantially healthier than what we’ve been doing the last couple of months.

So, on to the progress report.

My goals this round were:

  1. Get Todoist set up to manage my work life.  I did this and it is awesome.  I managed to find a way with IFTTN to get it to put all the things I check off into a spreadsheet so that when I have to write my annual review at the start of next year, I have a list of everything I did (at least for the period I was using it).
  2. Write at least 20 days out of 30.  Easy peasy.  I wrote 26 days in October, all 30 days of November (I actually successfully did NaNo this year), and 22 days in December.
  3. Write and release a Meet Cute Romance. I did this.  Once Upon A Setup.  And I had an idea for a second, holiday themed one.  Yeah…about that.  The idea I had for that morphed into a novella.  Which is what I was finishing Christmas Eve day.  Dance Me A Dream.  It came in just over 22k.  Not released yet, but written.
  4. Do the 31 Day PurgeNever even started… Maybe at some point next year.
  5. Do yoga at least 5 days out of 7.   I got up to about day 17 on this, but like a lot of other things, I fell off the wagon.
  6. Get my class updated for spring.  I managed to get a lot of this done before Evil Day Job let out for the holiday break, but there are still things I need to do on the “Have To” list.  And there are quite a few things that are lingering in the “I really ought to” list.

So, to review, during Round 4, I wrote 115k words.   Of that, one was a 60k novel for my Sooper Seekrit Project, one was a 22k novella, and one was a 13k novelette.  And there was some plotting in there and work on another novel that’s been backburnered for a bit.  I’m very very happy with that.

The remainder of the year I’ll be spending on revisions for the anthology novella that will be releasing in February, editing at least one of the other anthology novellas, and plotting out the next novel in my Sooper Seekrit project.  And probably prepping Dance Me A Dream for release, even though it’s after Christmas.

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