Belated Sunday Summary: Cooking All The Things

I totally didn’t get around to posting this yesterday.  I didn’t even get around to writing yesterday other than about a hundred words of expansion on a previous scene.

  1. I spent Sunday cooking All The Things.  Now I cook a lot to begin with since I make a bunch of stuff from scratch that most people just buy.  That’s been amped up considerably while on  Whole 30 because even the few things I would normally buy, I’m making from scratch to avoid all the hidden sugars or other ingredients that are on the avoid list.  Saturday was my condiment day.  I made mayo, ketchup, ranch, worchestershire sauce, and A1.  Yesterday I started cooking at 1 and didn’t sit down again until dinner at 7.  I grilled chicken breasts for lunch salads this week, made meatballs for hubby’s lunches, hardboiled eggs, deviled those eggs, roasted a batch of sweet potatoes and onions for my breakfasts, roasted a huge butternut squash, put together a shepherd’s pie for tonight’s supper,  and roasted a chicken with parsnips and carrots for last night’s dinner.  It was like an episode of Chopped up in my kitchen!
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  2. We also took down the Christmas tree (finally)and got the house put back to rights, which was long overdue.  And I finally got a massive headboard I’ve been trying to sell for TWO YEARS sold and out of the garage.  I was running purely on determination by the end.  I knew as soon as I sat down, that was it.  I wasn’t getting up again.
  3. We watched The Intern last night.  This is one of the few non-romance movies that I really loved.  The ending was a little more subtle than I expected, and there was one plot point I disagreed with, but all in all, a great watch and I’ll definitely watch it again.  Robert DeNiro was delightful, and I adored Anne Hathaway in this role.
  4. We also watched the first four episodes of The Shannara Chronicles this weekend.  I’m coming at it from the perspective of someone who’s never read the books, so I have no idea how faithful the adaptation is.  We enjoyed it, though.  It’s an odd blend of high fantasy and modern, with lots of nods to Lord of the Rings and, indeed, quite a few cast members who did time in the LOTR franchise.
  5. I only made it to the gym twice last week, and I skipped taekwondo because I was feeling lousy.  But I did walk the dogs every day.  I think I’m finally, more or less, back on my work schedule.  That feels like a feat, surviving last week without caffeine.  Speaking of,
  6. I finally found a tea I can drink.  I ordered a big box of samples from Adagio that came in on Saturday.  Among them was Cream Tea.  It would be absolutely delightful with actual sugar.  Without it’s…endurable, which is, frankly, all I am expecting from tea without cream and sugar.  But the essence of cream in the tea cuts the tanins admirably, so I can tolerate it.  Most importantly, it doesn’t taste like dirt or paper.  Three weeks go to.  I did go ahead and order some decaf black teas for later, as I was surprised how much impact the caffeine in the tea I WAS drinking had on me.  I really didn’t think I was drinking that much.
  7. I had a pretty decent writing week last week.  Knocked out 8243 words.  A bit below what I was hoping (since I didn’t really write yesterday), but considering everything else I was throwing at myself last week, I’m quite happy with that. I ended up expanding the novella outline into a short novel (because when do I EVER manage to stick to the length I intend? Rarely).  But it’s not turning into Monster Book, so I can live with that.  It’s hubby’s long week at work, so I’ll definitely be forging ahead.
  8. I’ve also got two novellas I need to crit for the Virtually Yours anthology.  Need to knock out at least one of those this week, as well.

One thought on “Belated Sunday Summary: Cooking All The Things

  1. I don’t want to watch the Shanara show, but wait! I have a stupid reason. (I know it is stupid, but I can’t get over it.) I loved Terry Brooks’ trilogy that contained RUNNING WITH THE DEMON, A KNIGHT OF THE WORD, and ANGEL FIRE EAST. I cried when it ended. Cried! Then years later I heard he was going to write more for it and… He did a fourth book and it tied that trilogy to Shanara. That ruined it for me (because I didn’t want to go read all the Shanara books). It was like “I’ll continue this series with my already existing series! MUAHAHAHA!” See stupid reason. 😉

    Kait you always do so much awesome. Keep at it!

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