Fess Up Friday

My MIL and I went to Tupelo to see CATS last night.  I saw it about 12 years ago at the Orpheum in Memphis (which is much more conducive to a Broadway production than the coluseum in terms of acoustics).  The weather was really awful, lots of torrential rain and wind.  As I was driving […]

Midweek Belly Laugh (A Bit Late)

Hey y’all.  I’m over at Trivial Pursuits today for my first guest blog ever (yeah one of my New Year’s Resolutions was to do at least 2 of those this year).  Thanks Shiloh! And now for your belly laugh. This is a true story, proving how fascinating the mind of a six year old is. […]

A New Slogan For Lifetime TV

We watch a lot of reruns on Lifetime, but of course that means we’re subjected to lots of ads about their movies.  During dinner tonight, DH burst out that he had a new slogan for Lifetime. Lifetime television, where love ferns go to die. Totally cracked me up.

Midweek Belly Laugh

This is totally how I feel about Daylight Savings Time. And this one is probably not polite to reproduce in full here, but please, go read it.  Just don’t drink anything first.  You may spew.

People Behaving Badly

I never ceased to be astounded by how badly some people will behave in the anonymity of the internet.  I’m not even talking about the various and sundry imbroglios that are always going on in one or another corner of the publishing world online.  Just the general populace. I recently upgraded laptops.  It was my […]

Midweek Belly Laugh

In honor of the beginning of my new werewolf book (if I ever get past my blank screen anxiety), I thought this was fitting. And just because I thought it was hilarious:

Your Midweek Belly Laugh

Okay this is completely and totally unrelated to writing, but I saw this posted over at Lilith Saint Crow’s blog yesterday and totally cracked up.  I absolutely needed this after the day I had.

Snarktastic Humor

Okay everybody who needs a belly laugh, go check out Pot’s recent article at eHow on How to Write an 80’s Style Beauty and the Beast Romance Novel.  Seriously, I just about spewed my breakfast across the room I laughed so hard.