Daughter of the Hunt Playlist

So in multiple interviews in the past, I’ve been asked what kind of music I write to.  The answer to that question is that I don’t.  Or I didn’t anyway.  All of that changed because of two things: 1) My baby (soul)sister Claire Legrand reignited my love of movie scores (of which I already had […]

Hill Tracks

I’m tied up in the conference room with more training today, so this is a quickie. There are 3 major hills on my running route.  Up to this point I’ve mostly been walking up them and running down them.  Yay for the assistance of gravity.  But as I’ve been pushing myself to add more jogging/running […]

Movie Score Mania

It’s always sort of fascinated me, this connection between music and writing.  You hear other writers talking about it all the time and I was never really one of them.  I can’t listen to anything with WORDS while I’m writing or I won’t actually get any writing done.  Susan always has a playlist for her […]

Love Song To Pandora Radio

Can I say how much I really love Pandora Internet Radio?  I have an obscenely huge music collection that I have to confess, I rarely listen to.  My in car listening is usually to audiobooks and in the house, our huge media PC (the one with the terabyte hard drive) is usually tuned, if not […]