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So in multiple interviews in the past, I’ve been asked what kind of music I write to.  The answer to that question is that I don’t.  Or I didn’t anyway.  All of that changed because of two things: 1) My baby (soul)sister Claire Legrand reignited my love of movie scores (of which I already had many and she’s going to bankrupt me recommending more) and 2) I discovered Spotify.  Spotify is kinda like Pandora, except you can pick the songs you want and create playlists of whatever.  It is the thing keeping me from going bankrupt.   They don’t have everything, but they have a LOT.  I went hog wild with movie scores and currently have something like 140+ playlists right now.  I know, see, I wasn’t kidding.

But anyway, as I’ve been listening to all these assorted movie scores I get ideas for SCENES because movie scores in particular evoke certain MOODS, so even before I began writing Daughter of the Hunt (that’s what DOTH stands for in case you were wondering), I was working on a playlist to go with the scenes I knew I wanted to write.  Initially it had a lot of stuff from Firefly, Serenity,  and Cowboys and Aliens.  Stuff that had that kind of westernish feel but otherworldly too.  And of course it grew, the more I listened to different stuff.  I rearranged trying to get things loosely in the order of my scenes.  I often don’t listen to it while I write, but I listen to it at work to kind of help me keep my brain in the story, thinking about the characters and the mood I want to evoke.

Anyway, there’s this nice Spotify App called Share My Playlist which allows me to share a whole playlist with YOU.  Sadly, it won’t let me embed it here, but if you go to my profile on Share My Playlist, you can listen to it.  It’ll want you to install Spotify so you have something to play it through (and you should anyway because it’s SO MUCH FUN!).  Warning, it’s nearly 3 hours of music…Anyway, ENJOY.

2 thoughts on “Daughter of the Hunt Playlist

    1. Since I am, 99 percent of the time, on a high speed internet connection if I’m online, then Spotify works fantastically for me. It’s everything I love about Pandora but with way more customization and selection.

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