My Experience With Ebook Booster

Ebook booster.  I read about this over at J.A. Konrath’s blog ages ago.  It’s only for free books, so I’ve never actually used it before.  It  costs $40, which is hella cheap as far as promotion goes.  They submit your free book listing to a whole bunch of places and save you the time.  So […]

Sanity Saver: Book Launch Planner

Before we move into today’s post, I wanted to announce the WINNER of our little big of flash fiction FUN from the other day.  Bragging rights go TO L.S. Engler! Next order of business, today’s stop on the Red launch blog tour is my dear CP and BFF Susan Bischoff’s blog, Hunting High and Low […]

Revisify and Plans for Red

I totally stole that term from pal Jessica Corra, who just had her first book deal announced the other day in PM.  Congrats Jess! I technically started revisions on Red yesterday, but it was really the small stuff.  The scenes where there needed to be a line tweaked here and there, typos or punctuation errors […]

Narrow Focus

We hired a new employee this week at my Evil Day Job.  She’s moved down from Minnesota, following her husband, who took a job the the university.  I’ve been explaining some of our quirky Southern habits and things, one of which is our habit of taking the brand name of something and applying it to […]

A Tome About Promo for Indie Authors: Part 2-The Freebie

In Part 1 of this series, I talked about The Blog Tour. Costs you nothing but time and helps build some recognition for your name.  Today I want to shift gears and talk about something else that costs you nothing–the freebie. Now when I say freebie, I mean a couple of different things.  A freebie, […]

Thinking About Google AdWords

I woke up this morning thinking it was Friday.  Talk about disappointment.  I was SO LOOKING FORWARD to sleeping in tomorrow.  C’est la vie. As I’m prowling my Bloglines this morning, looking for something interesting to talk about, I came across this article at Galleycat about Boyd Morrison’s Kindle to published success.  Inspiring. What I’m […]