You Asked For It: Ebook Formatting From A to Z

So I’ve been railing for YEARS that ebook formatting is not hard.  I’ve been doing it myself since I started self publishing in 2010 and I FINALLY got around to putting together a class to teach the rest of you.   It is available through WANA International. Ebook Formatting from A to Z is an […]

Get Back To Work!

I woke up this morning to a post by my pal Andrew Mocete that really resonated with me.  Write More, Market Less: The Proof.  It was, quite obviously, about how we should write more and market less.  He linked back to this article about self-publishing statistics, which I found quite interesting.  I was curious to […]

The State Of Indie Publishing

So there’ve been big doings in the indie publishing world in the last week.  Barry Eisler turned down a half million dollar deal with legacy publishers, choosing to self-publish instead. Another traditionalist defects. And the indie world cheered. Amanda Hocking accepted a $2 million deal with legacy publishers for a four book series. And the […]

Pondering The Freebie

One of the often lamented aspects of self publishing is that despite the myriad of awesome opportunities we have to publish digitally through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and others, we do not have the opportunity to give stuff away for free like the publishing companies do. Or do we? Certainly we can’t list work for […]

Borders…Rethink your Stance in How You Deal With Self Publishers

So Borders filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. Anybody surprised?  Anybody?  No?  Only Borders themselves? It’s been a long time coming.  I knew it was gonna happen as soon as they announced their Bookbrewer program, which I commented on here.  Really bad business decision on their part.  Let’s assume that all self publishers are STUPID and […]

Don’t Judge Self-Publishing By Smashwords

Okay, I want to say straight off that this is not a criticism of Smashwords or Mark Coker. They provide a wonderful service to those of us who choose to self publish, allowing us to get into vendors we otherwise would not have a shot at, and not charging us anything out the door and […]