You Asked For It: Ebook Formatting From A to Z

So I’ve been railing for YEARS that ebook formatting is not hard.  I’ve been doing it myself since I started self publishing in 2010 and I FINALLY got around to putting together a class to teach the rest of you.   It is available through WANA International.

Ebook Formatting from A to Z is an intensive 4 session class designed to teach you how to take your book from Word doc to all industry standard formats. You’ll be ready to self publish on any and all major platforms. Class is designed to take place over a period of weeks to give you a chance to implement the skills I’m teaching you in your own manuscript, with an opportunity for me to check your work and do hands-on troubleshooting. Each lesson is a streaming video that you can watch on your own time (as many times as you want). Then you’ll have access to interactive classrooms and discussion boards for more in-depth problem solving, as the need arises. This class will be most effective if you have a manuscript ready to format, as it is a hands-on skill.

It’s $160 a head and is available starting March 31st.   So…spread the word and stuff.


3 thoughts on “You Asked For It: Ebook Formatting From A to Z

  1. Cool. I don’t have any books ready to format at the moment, but I’ll spread the word. I’m sure I know other writers who are looking for exactly the kind of knowledge your class will provide.

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