Sunday Summary and #ROW80 Check-In

  1. I just flat didn’t get much done on the writing front this week.  A couple of flat scenes on the latest Meet Cute.  An opening scene on this Wishful novel that is going to get cut.  I’ve had the attention span of a gnat.  I think this is probably the fallout from last week’s uber push on both the Wishful novel outline and the Monster Grant. But I did happen to figure out an important detail for the novel so that I can hammer out the ramifications of that .
  2. I did start reading From Girl To Goddesswhich is absolutely fascinating.  And I’m dipping into Against All Grain.  I’m not actually capable of going fully paleo (I love my white potatoes and beans too much) but I figured since all those recipes are by nature gluten free, I might pick up some new things to try.   Waiting in the wings is the fabulous Steampunk Bible and Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking, both birthday presents.
  3. I had a fantabulous birthday.  I spent the morning at my coffee shop, watched a movie for research, then gave a presentation at WANACon about Self Publishing to a fantastic group of people.  After that went out for Mexican with the family, where I made an absolute pig of my self (note to family for future–if there is going to be dessert, tell me BEFORE the chip basket is delivered…).  I got to wear the birthday sombrero (I am the sole member of my family who is TOTALLY cool with the spectacle), which was fun until the waiter creamed me–literally–with a glob of whipped cream to the face.  I got a significant quantity up my nose.  Ah well.  Price of the hat.  Hubby finally revealed where he’s taking me on my birthday trip next weekend–the mountains of north Georgia!  Whee!  Which is totally awesome in and of itself, but it’s the return leg of the trip that’s the best part–he picked that location so we could swing back through Atlanta and go to IKEA and get the bookcases I’ve been lusting after for A YEAR for our living room!  Which means my desk can finally go into the library and truly be my office.  And that we can finally run the surround sound in this house since there will be somewhere to actually SIT the rear speakers.  Win win all around.   This also means we can return to our annual viewing of the LOTR and original Star Wars trilogies (they can’t be watched without proper surround sound–that’s just not right).
  4. I made it through the second week of C25K.  It’s just starting to feel like an effort.  Looking forward to getting back to the point where this is–well not EASY but more comfortable.
  5. It’s time to start thinking about spring and growing things here in the south.  We need to do some epic pruning of stuff around the yard.  And it’s about time for me to start some seeds inside for my summer garden.  And the patch where I want to said garden needs tilling and prepping.  The last of the mint needs digging up.  And we need to mulch…well, EVERYTHING.  All stuff I’d like to get done while it’s not hot.  March is going to end up being a gardening/yard work kind of month.
  6. Might go see The Lego Movie later as a final birthday weekend bit of fun.  It looks hilarious.

2 thoughts on “Sunday Summary and #ROW80 Check-In

  1. Ikea is awesome. Tried to do a ‘quick trip’ in just half an hour. Ended up having to ring work to say I was running late.
    And with your writing, at least you are still sitting down. If you can keep doing this, when you recuperate a bit, words will start flowing again. But, if you have stopped sitting down, you might not realise when you are ready to go again.

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